Tuesday, September 19, 2017

UK + Ireland 2017 Part 1

I know this space goes dark off and on, but this time I had a good excuse. I was frolicking all over the UK and Ireland for ten days! 

I've been trying to think of the best way to recap my trip and I think it might be in picture form with stories/tidbits/etc thrown in the mix. Let's get started shall we?

Mom and dad dropped me off at the airport with some Bubba's trail mix. 
Look at all that hair! It's gone 😲

Buckingham Palace

 Green Park

Canada Memorial in Green Park

Picadilly Circus

 China Town

 First pub I visited in the UK

 Stumbled upon a movie premiere at Odeon Cinema for Mother and yes, Jennifer Lawrence was there!

 London accomodations - fourth floor single room with no elevator but it was the loveliest little room and so close to everything I wanted to see and do.

Always a reminder that I wasn't in the US anymore.

Day two I explored around the River Thames and saw Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, the London Eye, took a River Thames boat cruise and had one of my most favorite dinners of my whole trip at Flat Iron.

 Iconic red phone booths. To answer your question, YES! They all had real pay phones in them!

 Westminster Abbey

 Westminster Abbey

 I loved the detail all over the city. Including the light posts on Westminster Bridge.

 View from across the River Thames

 View of Big Ben and the Palace of Westminster from the London Eye.

 Proof that it was indeed me on this trip!

 After a cold drizzly morning, this British Beef Cottage Pie at Slug & Lettuce was exactly what I needed...could have put down a second it was just that good.

 Jubilee Greenway was filled with popup bars, restaurants, ice cream vendors and so much more. It marks Her Majesty the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

 The London Eye

NOT the London Bridge, just a bridge in London called the Tower Bridge. A 'lovely' customs agent gave me that lesson. The original London Bridge was bought by a US millionaire who had each brick numbered and transported to Lake Havasu where it now stands. 

 Two mains on the menu, flank steak and a burger.

 If I am ever put on death row and get a last meal, this would be it. The whole menu excluding the burger is on my table. Simple and delicious.

 As a first time customer I received a coin for a free ice cream cone. Accent barrier had me walk around the block three times before a lovely officer walked me back to the restaurant to redeem my free cone.

 Had to constantly remind myself that there are real places that actually look like this. Not just Disney.

For good measure, one last evening stroll past the palace to see if the Queen was in. She was eating dinner so she couldn't come to the door. Said to stop by next time I'm in town.

Well that covers about 36 hours in London. Next up - Scotland!


  1. Awesome! I'm curious, were you traveling alone? If so, any specific tips for solo travel?

  2. I did travel alone! I don't have any revolutionary travel tips for traveling solo. It wasn't much different than my day-to-day at home since I do a lot by myself anyway. Just always having that extra eye open and being aware of your surroundings. A bonus to traveling solo is that you can always be fit in to a busy restaurant, comedy club, or pub! The obvious negative is that you foot the bill for everything, taxis, hotels, etc.