Wednesday, August 30, 2017


On Saturday I turned 33. 

I took the afternoon off on Friday and got in a good sweat session at Alchemy. My mom was watching my niece so I spent a few hours with her before having to head home to set up for a little birthday party I threw for my self.

A couple good friends came over to check out the apartment, sip some bubbles and snack on meat, cheese and olives before we headed out for the night. I love being able to entertain and set things out exactly as I like.

On Saturday morning I wasn't feeling too bad from the night before so once again I went to my parents to get in some Sylvie time. She's 15 months and just the cutest little peanut and so much fun to be around.

When it was time for Sylvie to go down for her afternoon nap, I took that as my cue to go home and take a nap myself since I had a bachelorette party to rest up for!

The bachelorette party started at the new Embassy Suites downtown Minneapolis. I've stayed at a few Embassy Suites before and this one definitely takes the cake, it was so nice.  After a few games we walked next door to Ike's for dinner before hitting the town!

Sunday was a bit of a struggle and I spent most of the morning in bed. My parents always let us choose a restaurant to celebrate our birthdays, and this year I chose Cowboy Slims for some potato skins and Vikings pre-season football.

33 Is off to a good start so far. 

By this time next week I'll be in London. If you don't already, follow me on IG: ali_paige8 for stories and pictures galore!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Mini Apartment Tour

It's been almost three weeks since I've moved into my apartment and I'm happy to say that I am completely moved in and settled!

After my last move where I lived with two roommates, I didn't get to spend time decorating or purchasing new pieces. The other girls each had living room furniture, pictures, coffee tables, etc. I just brought a dining room table and my bedroom furniture.

Since I moved with so little this time around, I was able to find my own style which, thanks to my previous roommates, I think I might actually have a little bit of now?

Knowing that I wanted my space to be a place to entertain, I purchased this bar cart from and loved it the minute I set it up. It's incredibly sturdy and fits all my bar accessories. Now if someone can just style this cart for me, that would be peachy.

Since I have a dining room, albeit a tad smaller than my last one, I swapped out the old dining room table for a friendlier size table that was up at our cabin. It fits perfectly in my little dining room.

My kitchen is a tad awkward since the fridge is just hanging out on a wall on its own which left for some weird blank wall space. I found this little magnetic chalkboard at Marshall's. My chalk skills need work, but it's been a great addition to an empty white wall.

The living room is one of my favorite places to hang out in for many reasons. The first, and the selling point for me, was all the windows! I've lived in apartments that only had a total of three windows! The natural light makes me so happy and depending on the day I can get a pretty nice sunset view from my couch.

The couch was my big splurge and I'm glad I upped my price point. It's been so comfortable and a perfect place to start my GoT binging. The ottoman/chaise is reversible which I really like and will allow me to change up the space as I please.

One of my favorite pieces is my rug! I purchased it off of and I feel like it really fits my space and works with the pieces that I'm bringing into the room.

My second favorite place to relax is obviously the bedroom. It's small, so it doesn't allow space for distractions, just sleeping and getting dressed. It helps me fall asleep quickly at night, and gets me moving early in the morning since there are no other temptations. If there was a tv in my room, you can bet that come Sunday I would never get out of bed except to retrieve my delivery food.

Sleep in poster
There you have it! I'm still looking to add some plants, lamps and maybe a bookshelf, but all-in-all she's put together just the way I like. And for the first time in all the times that I've lived alone, I actually look forward to going home and spending time in my home. 

It makes me happy☺

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

A post about an article about relationships

I came across this Huffpost article titled I Want Someone To Put In As Much Effort As Me In a Relationship and as I read each line I was able to nod along in agreement and reflect on past relationships or guys that I've met and spent a short amount of time with.

So many times I find myself looking back after a relationship has ended and wonder "why the heck didn't I get out of this earlier?" Sometimes I think it's because I so desperately want to find the one, sometimes I think that maybe they'll change, and sometimes I just chose to ignore it and pretend like their actions or lack there of, didn't bother me.

Truth is, like I'm sure many people out there, we want someone who will put in as much effort as we are putting in to a relationship.  Whenever I talk out loud to myself, because that's what I do when I'm in the car or sitting at home alone, is say that I want to meet someone who loves me as much as I love them, which I can honestly say I had once, but for just the first year of our almost three year relationship.

My last long term relationship was one I definitely stayed in for too long before he called it quits. I would spend many nights at his house helping him with yard work, cooking and watching his shows. Things that benefited him and made him happy.

"I’m not here just to fawn all over someone I adore exclusively; I want someone who will fawn all over me right back. I want someone who is ‘Team Me’, too."

Mean while I would share my dreams and ideas about designing t-shirts and selling them on Etsy. I remember the exact way he scoffed as we walked home from a Timberwolves event that I took him to because he loved basketball ( and mocked my ideas. About a month after we broke up I ordered my first round of inventory, sold a shirt and later my shirts were picked up to be sold in a local boutique at two of their locations.

More recently I met someone where I felt the feelings were mutual but after a week things quickly changed to me doing things for him. Going to his place because he didn't have a car. Bringing pizza because he didn't have any food. Most embarrassingly, bringing him to the liquor store, then to his buddies as he quickly forgot he had just asked to spend the day together.

"What kind of idiot thinks that another person’s sole purpose in life is to serve him or her?"

I'm pretty sure my blinders go up the moment someone says they like me, but it's time those blinders come off and I wait for the person who will put in as much effort as me in a relationship and we can both cheer each other on in good times and in bad.

Now just to remember that when I meet someone who is asking for more than they are giving back.

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