Friday, July 21, 2017

5th Annual?!?

Happy Friday!

Coming at you with some ramblings today, because writing is my therapy and my hand gets tired after writing a page in my journal.

It's Friday. I'm sitting at my desk at work, eating Funyuns, drinking a Mt. Dew and I have a sugar free Red Bull on deck. This is not a typical breakfast number two, oh yes, I said breakfast number two. My first breakfast was left over Noodles, Wisconsin Mac & Cheese, and it was heaven.  I'm listening to a country playlist on Spotify, currently one of my favorite songs is playing, Come A Little Closer by Dierks Bently, and I found a smile come across my face.

Want to know why?


I'm picking up my cousin Pat in about three hours. Coolers are packed and ready to go, I know Flink is resting up in the pole barn just waiting to feel the water under his plastic belly, the Dorothy Gee is most likely full of gas and ready for some sunset cruises, and the grill is anxiously awaiting Pat to do his grilling magic.

Leading up to this weekend, I didn't want to participate. I'm overwhelmed with life and everything happening in the next month, moving, my trip to Europe, turning 33, etc.

Today I woke up, said 'fuck the fuck knows', our line for the weekend, threw my fist in the air and told myself, 'you got this'.

My cube mate walked in and asked if I was ready for this weekend and I couldn't stop talking about how happy and excited I am to see some of my favorite people.

My favorite people, not because we are cousins, but because they are the most real people I've ever met. A rarity these days.

These are people that tell you when you are being a drunk fool, but don't judge you. They just write a joke about it on a jenga piece.

The people that offer to bring all the meats, because they like to cook for people.

The people that drive for hours from a different state because they know how important family is.

The people that, outside of being family, would never cross paths, but damn, we love each other.

These are the people that, when I undoubtedly start crying or bitching about a guy, will tell me that I'm too good for him and I'll believe them.

Speaking of bitching about guys. Do you want to know what also puts a smile on your face?

Finally realizing for yourself that you are too good for someone. Delete their number. Don't reply to messages and just go have fun with your favorite people!

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  1. Heck yes! Sounds like an awesome time! And definitely don't keep people around who are not worthy.