Thursday, May 11, 2017

Sweaty Beers

This week in health and fitness I've focused on less carbs and sodium and walking to/from my workouts.

Sunday was a big meal prep day. Every day when I get home from the gym, I'm so grateful I put in the time to 'grill' up some chicken with my ol buddy George Foreman, cook a pound of bacon, cut up broccoli, hard boil a dozen eggs, etc. I walk through the door, throw everything in a bowl, toss with dressing and dinner is served. #blessed

I've been struggling to get out of bed early enough to make breakfast before I leave for work so I've been relying on RXBars to get me through breakfast. I love the chocolate sea salt flavor.

For whatever reason I've had a strong hankering for meatballs lately so I made a batch of turkey meatballs with almond flour vs. bread crumbs then tossed them in some Frank's Red Hot after they were cooked.

I paired the buffalo turkey balls with garlic quinoa that was just quinoa cooked with ghee, chicken broth, garlic powder and fresh sauteed garlic.

As described above, my dinners were massive salads. I love a good cobb salad so I make my own version. All the ingredients you can cook and chop ahead of time then throw in a bowl and bing-bang-boom dinner is served and you didn't even have to turn on the oven or dirty a pan.

My gym is adding in some earlier classes at 4:15 which I love since I tend to work through my lunch hour. You know, the one hour in the day that you leave your desk and all hell breaks loose so you decide you better stay put., 4:15 classes are awesome because the next class time is 5:30 and sometimes that just feels sooo late.

I took a 4:15 warrior sculpt which I enjoyed because there were only four of us in the class and it's condensed down to 45 min.

Some girlfriends and I had a 'sweaty beers' night where we hit up an A20 alchemy class that still has my core and shoulders burning followed by drinks and dinner at Jefe's around the corner.

Since the class was at 5:30 I decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and walk to the studio.

Walking along the Mississippi River and looking back at Gold Medal Park, and the Mill City Museum will never get old.

I had two 30 minute personal training sessions remaining with my trainer so we found an hour we were both free to wipe those out and talk about goals, etc.

He worked my abs for 45 minutes straight, which I love/hate since I don't do it often on my own, but I love the hurt the next day. Since I didn't get much in for cardio, I walked home through the Kenwood neighborhood that is super hilly and has the most beautiful mansions you've ever seen with some of the best views of the other side of the city.

Ugh! Isn't this city just beautiful!
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  1. "I paired the buffalo turkey balls with garlic quinoa that was just quinoa cooked with ghee, chicken broth, garlic powder and fresh sauteed garlic." <-- Sounds fantastic!