Monday, May 1, 2017

Productivity for the win

I love having a nice and productive weekend. Usually that means waking up at my usual time and getting the day started, this weekend, I actually slept in and was able to accomplish a lot!

Friday I went to happy hour with the roommates. We walked to Coup d'etat and enjoyed $5 bubbles and a a few appetizers. Friday happy hours usually continue on in to the night so when their happy hour ended at 7:00 PM we continued on with our journey to Nightingale.

Since our mode of transportation was on foot, we made one quick restroom/beer stop at Bryant Lake Bowl before bellying up to the bar at Nightingale. The bar tender we had was great! He was informative, friendly and made sure our glasses were always full. They have a late night happy hour that starts at 11:00 so we decided to stay for another round before calling it a night.

I've only been to Nightingale for their bottomless mimosa brunch, but I will definitely be back for their late night happy hour!

Saturday I slept in which is very rare for me. I took my time waking up before mustering up the strength to battle the crowds at IKEA. I'm sure most IKEA's are total chaos at noon on a Saturday, but since ours is across the street from the Mall Of America, I feel like it's just that much more crazy with all the out-of-towners.

I knew exactly where I needed to go so I briskly walked through living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms before finding the kids section, which I realized while typing this, I could have bypassed all that fun and just cut through the cafe. Oye!

Anywhoo! I picked up a couple items, snapped a picture of the isle to pick up my nieces birthday gift, and proceeded to stand in line for the same amount of time that I was in the store. Gotta love IKEA.

My next stop was Target to pick up a few items. Since Saturday was the nice day of the weekend, Target was empty and I was able to lazily shuffle up and down the aisles, freely backtracking as I remembered different items I had forgot to toss in my cart.

As my champagne and rosé hangover wore off, hunger started to strike. I drove over to my Whole Foods that just so happens to share a parking lot with Chipotle so I ordered a burrito and sat for a bit before continuing on with my day of productivity!

With a full belly I was able to tackle Whole Foods with a clear mind. I picked up some essentials, like deli turkey and 2 for $5 chocolate bars before finally heading home.

Since I was on a role, I decided to assemble the toy kitchen I picked up at IKEA. Three hours and a sore hand later, she was complete! Not without taking her apart at minimum three different times.

I knew that if I sat down I would be stuck to my couch for the remainder of the night so I slid on my flip flops and turned on my Uber app. The evening was a lot more tame than the last time I drove, but it was a lot of back and forth from suburbs which I prefer over shorter downtown/uptown requests.

I shut off the app around 11:30 PM and decided to finally call it a day.

Sunday was another welcomed sleep in morning. Since my Saturday was so productive, my Sunday plans were to not leave the house, and not take off my PJ's except to shower, and that's exactly what I did.

I started by making a ham, broccoli and onion frittata for breakfast that turned out perfect!

While enjoying my breakfast I hunkered down to a couple hours of the Food Network. I love Sunday morning Food Network, it brings me a strange amount of joy in the morning.

Throughout the day I would prep food for my snacks for the week, watch a little tv, wash my sheets, catch up on Dateline, organize my desk and closet, and then finally end the night with the Kardashians and a bowl of chicken with zucchini and red lentil pasta avocado pesto (I like to add one spiralized zucchini with a serving of pasta to add veggies and cut down on my pasta intake).

And that concludes my ultra productive weekend!

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