Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Excuse my absence

Ya know how some weeks go by and it's just another ordinary week, well that's kind of how things have been around here. I miss those weeks and I figured you don't really care to hear about how I got caught up on laundry, food prepped like a mofo  and binged five seasons of Veep in less than one month.

But since this is a sort of therapy for my wandering mind, I thought I'd recap just a bit and share any slightly interesting photos I might have taken over the past two weeks.

Mother's Day weekend was spent at the cabin doing normal cabin things. Raking the leaves out of the water, taking boat rides, soaking up as much sun as possible and a little SUPing.

We took an early morning boat ride with spiked coffee and mimosas without OJ that was quite chilly but the day quickly warmed up and the lake was extremely quiet since it was MN fishing opener. Absolute perfection.

This year Mother's Day was spent celebrating Sylvie's FIRST birthday! I can't believe she is already one, but it has been so much fun watching her grow. She still continues to be the smiliest little toe-head around who is walking like a pro!

We celebrated two friends birthday's last weekend with a pub golf bar crawl through UpTown. This year's theme was Stripes.

Miley is still trying to find the most comfortable position to nap in. I think she might have found it. The aftermath of having a crawling, walking one year old around for two days ☺

I have an apartment lined up for when my current lease is up! I'm pretty excited about it. I only looked at one unit, but considering there were two others looking at it at the same time I knew I had to act quickly. It's spacious and loaded with large windows. Since I sold all of my living room furniture I'll have to purchase new items which I'm looking forward to. My old furniture had been with me for nearly ten years and almost just as many moves.
Bonus: There's a market in my new building that sells chicken fingers and mozz sticks!

Welp, that's all the updates I have for you. Have a happy, fun and safe Memorial weekend!
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