Monday, May 8, 2017

Cinco de Derby Fondo

The thing about Minnesota in the Spring and Summer, is that every weekend can be jam packed with block parties, festivals, outdoor concerts, etc. That's exactly what I filled my weekend with.

Friday evening I met a group of girlfriends at 4 Bells who was throwing a Cinco de Derby/rooftop opening party. They had a menu that merged the two events with tequila juleps, chips and salsa, etc. We were able to get a table right inside from the rooftop which worked out perfectly since they were blasting A/C so the outside air helped warm us up, and once the sun went down, they turned down the A/C and shut some of the doors.

I still continue to have very mixed feelings about this restaurant. Service isn't really up to par and it can be quite pricey for the food you get. One thing they do very well is their fried chicken, so if you decide to give them a chance, get the chicken and make sure you get some lavender honey butter to go along with it.

On Saturday a few of us went to brunch at Psycho Suzies and were able to snag a table on the patio. Our server was absolutely great and had no problem cracking a few jokes with us. We took brunch at a leisurely pace as friends trickled in before we settled up and walked over to the Fulton brewery production warehouse for Gran Fondo.

Gran Fondo is a 100 mile bike ride that finishes with a block party/festival. There were food trucks, Fulton beer of course, live music and a few vendors. It was such a great day to spend outside, under the sun, enjoying good beer and hanging out with friends.

When our stomachs started growling, we knew it was time to find some food so we walked to Stanley's NorthEast. They must have been under staffed or something because we waited close to an hour for our appetizers that came out after our entrees, and two of us got our entrees after everyone else ate.

On the bright side, I threw the $3 I had left over from the Gran Fondo towards some pull tabs, two $1 winners, replayed those two for $104! I'm usually a pull tab loser, that brightened my day.

Our last stop of the night was Betty Dangers. It was mostly cleared out from the derby party they had earlier so we ordered drinks and took a spin on the ferris wheel before calling it a night.

Sunday was an extremely lazy morning. I watched three movies in bed before forcing myself in to the shower and out the door. I decided I'd turn on the Uber app and got a request to pick someone up near by and bring them to the airport. As I was leaving one terminal, I got a request to pick someone up at the other terminal and bring them to Woodbury. Those are the best fares because you make more than the shorter distances. $30 an hour? I'll take that!

After my two quick Uber trips I hit up Trader Joe's to pick up some food to prep for the week. This week's menu is pretty tasty, buffalo turkey meatballs, garlic quinoa, cobb salads, fruit, banana protein muffins and RX bars. After food prepping for about three hours, I relaxed on the couch with a frozen pizza and a movie and called it a weekend.
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  1. I feel the exact same way about 4bells. If you go on a week night, its awesome. But I went once on a saturday...and never again.