Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Weekend Under The Sun

I don't know about where you live, but here in Minnesota, once the snow melts and the temps stay above freezing for a couple of days, every piece of asphalt or concrete becomes covered in orange cones. Yup, Winter is officially over, there is no Spring, there is no Summer, it's just Construction season until the next snow fall.

Due to Construction season affecting almost every major interstate or highway in the metro area (gotta get those roads nice and purdy for the Super Bowl!), I left early on Friday to avoid delaying my weekend at the cabin.

Not long after I arrived, some friends came over to pick me and the parents up to go to dinner. We ventured to Webb Lake to go to the Lumberjack Saloon and Eatery. The restaurant is right on Big Bear Lake and the views were spectacular.

This place is apparently known for having great homemade spaghetti so a few folks ordered that, mean while I went for the fried chicken and baked potato

It was fun to try a new to me restaurant Up North.

Saturday morning started with breakfast of eggs, bacon and LaMarca. Is there any better way to start a warm sunny day on the lake? I don't think so!

Since the ice heaves did some damage to our yard and boat lift, mom and dad had been up working on getting things back to the way they were. Half of the beach was flat again, and most of the dock was in the water.

As the dock pieces became secured in their places for the Summer I brought out the decking. It sounds easy when you think of it, but these are wooden 4'x4' heavy pieces of decking. No easy way to carry them and the gusts of wind didn't help much either. My arms are bruised, my wrists and fingers are sore, but it's worth it.

In between putting the decking on, I took a lovely nap under the sun with my little side kick. It was one of the most glorious naps I've had in quite some time, and it allowed me to get some color besides just the purple bruises.

When we woke up on Sunday morning it was cloudy, cold and sleeting. I didn't waste much time before packing up and heading back to the cities. The closer to home I drove, the nicer it became. I did some grocery stops along the way, prepped my food for the week, then felt extremely guilty I wasn't embracing the beautiful day and instead just watched some Hallmark movies. Eh, it's all about balance right?

Monday was the first day of the TIU Bikini Series and so far I've smashed it! I finally got into a spin class that I've been wanting to try ever since I signed up for my gym and I'm so glad I did. These classes usually fill up a week in advance. The guy that does the #AMP classes in my gym is the instructor who is training it out nationally, so you know it's going to be a great class.

I've taken other group classes at my gym, but something about the people in this class was so different than anything I've experienced before. From the two guys who helped me find my bike and cheerfully introduced themselves, to the two girls on either side of me giving me encouragement that it's a tough class, but super fun, to the instructor who calls out the new kids in class (in a good way), and has a big welcome introduction to the group! It was an incredibly welcoming and supportive group of people, all in for a good time and a sweaty ride. Looking forward to my next class!

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