Tuesday, April 4, 2017


A word that's been popping up quite frequently in my life lately has been stress. I used to say that stress is the last word people would use to describe me. Turns out, it's probably one of the top five words I would use to describe myself.

I've been seeing a personal trainer for a couple of months now and he always asks how I'm doing, how's my stress level. I would reply that everything was good, until one day when I almost broke down in the middle of the gym because there's so much going on behind the scenes that's been stressing me to the point where my cup is overflowing.

If you see me out and about, you wouldn't know about the stresses I carry along with me unless I tell you.

Why do guys you like vanish when you tell them you like them...what's wrong with me?

I want to travel/ I need an escape...where will I get the money?

My lease is up in a couple months...where will I live? How will I afford something in the neighborhood I want? I need living room furniture, I only have bedroom furniture!

Oh cool, someone stole my pictures and made fake dating profiles...how do I get these removed?

I'm working my ass off in the gym...seeing a trainer three times a week...why does the scale only go up? (hint: stress)

Why won't my co-worker mind her own business...she can't even manage her own load of work, butt out of my work!

Can someone just run the dishwasher when it's full and empty it when it's done?

How will I ever save for a house when so much has to go towards rent?

My trainer and I discussed different ways to relieve stress, especially when your stress comes from areas in your life that you can't change, such as work.

Tip 1: Breathing. Breath in two seconds through the nose and out four seconds through the mouth. Focusing on your breathing will help to calm you down and take your mind off of what's stressing you out and instead concentrate on your breathing.

Tip 2: Meditation

Tip 3: Do something for you that makes you happy. The cabin 😊

Tip 4: Do social activities. Get together with friends and go for a walk, a spin class, or a sporting event. Don't just get together and eat and drink.

Tip 5: Go for a run

I'm going to do my best to add in some of these tips throughout my days because stress, man it's not fun.
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  1. ohhhh yeah. I feel you on all of those stresses. For me outside time is super important.

    1. It's crazy what some time outside can do for you!