Monday, April 3, 2017

Spring Has Sprung

Even though the first official day of Spring was two weeks ago, I feel like the season is finally in the air! Twins home opener is today, the loons were out on the lake, and I got my first sun burn. Yes indeed, Spring has sprung!

With the top ten weather forecast for Friday and Saturday I rushed home from work, packed a bag and hit the interstate to go North. Luckily there was absolutely zero traffic and I pulled up to the cabin while it was still light out.

Saturday was just beautiful, a t-shirt and jeans kind of day. We had a lazy morning and then dad and I went to Jed's for burgers while mom continued on with the staining of the trim. When we got back from lunch I grabbed my sunglasses and parked it over at the neighbors for the rest of the day.

There are officially two docks in the water, the dogs were swimming, people were kayaking, fishing boats puttered by and some kids down the way even ran in to the water. I may have grown up going swimming at my grandparents on Lake Superior, but the water is still a tad cold for me to want to jump in just yet.

Sunday morning I was up and out the door early enough to make my 11 AM training session at the gym. The more I sweat, the more I could smell bon fire. Good thing the gym was empty! After the gym I ran a few errands to get myself ready for the week ahead. When I got home I made some turkey cauliflower chili for my lunches then plopped myself on the couch for some Lifetime movies.

I mentioned to one of my roommates that we have to take advantage of our lazy Sunday's before we get real responsibilities, like yard work and babies. So that's exactly what I did.

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