Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Play Ball!

This past weekend was just what I needed to relax and recharge.

Saturday started with breakfast of eggs and bacon. I forgot to defrost the bacon so I had to make a whole pound. Simple hack if you too have forgotten to take out your bacon the night before. Throw the whole brick in a pan on low and cover, flip every so often and peel the pieces away as they start to defrost. Easy peasy.

After breakfast I headed to the gym for some cardio, then quickly showered, dropped off my bag at my car and walked over to Target Field. My main reason for going to the game was to get their giveaway, I got one of the last three hats at my gate. #winning

Not only did I receive one of the hats, the storms that lingered around all morning cleared up and it turned out to be a beautiful afternoon to watch the Twins win 6-0.

I purchased the Ball Park Access package which allows you access to the stadium for all home games in April and May, you just don't have a seat. Since I'm going to these games solo, I don't mind not having a designated seat since it allows me to walk around and check out the game from different views. So far my favorite place to grab a drink and find a spot at the rail is at the Barrio Bar down the third base line. It stays sunny and you get a great view of the field.

When I got home from the game I took a nap! I can't tell you the last time I purposely took a nap. It felt great! A couple friends came over just as the storms rolled back in and we had a relaxing night of take out and movies.

Sunday I finished off the bacon I didn't devour the day before and I took my time getting ready to meet family for Easter lunch.

This year Easter had two 11 month old girls! It's fun to get together with family and their little ones, especially since so many little ladies were born in the last year. My niece and her second cousin are just one week and one day apart and it's fun to watch them interact with each other, especially now that they are 'talking' and more on the move.

After lunch I decided I would sneak in the last half of the Twins game so I ordered an Uber and arrived during the bottom of the 4th. I grabbed a beer and headed to my spot at the Barrio Bar just in time to see Dozier take the plate and hit an infield home run!

Unfortunately the Twins lost in the 9th inning. They started out the season strong so hopefully we can keep the momentum.

I know Monday's aren't a part of the weekend, but they really should be. My girlfriends and I do a Girls Dinner once a month and this month we went to Blackbird Cafe in South Minneapolis. It was really cute inside and they had some interesting to me menu options.

I ordered the market burger which was a beef patty with chorizo aioli, black radish, spring greens, roasted red peppers and cheese (but now I can't remember if it was goat or feta) with their delicious fries.

I think it's safe to say that everyone left dinner fully satisfied. Including me, the girl who would normally ask for no peppers, radishes, or chorizo. 👍👍
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