Thursday, April 27, 2017

Health & Fitness: What's working for me

Health and fitness are funny things, aren't they? I've come to this space quite often to share what challenge I'm doing or what routine I'm following and nothing has seemed to be the right fit for me.

There's so much information out there about both topics that it has stressed me out to the point of throwing my hands up and saying 'I don't care'. Even though I do care, I really truly care.

I want to be healthy and fit for my future so I can freely continue to move around as I get older and not have to worry about regulating blood pressure or cholesterol (not that I do now), joint pains, or not even being able to bend over to tie my shoes.

I've talked with a lot of people about what they do to stay healthy. I've met with personal trainers and nutritionists about how I can become healthier and more fit, and you know what I've found out? There's no one right way to live a healthy and fit lifestyle.

From intuitive eating, to counting macros, to just limiting carbs.

Cutting cardio to just one to two days a week and a lot of resistance/weight training, to cardio three to five days with just a couple days of resistance/weight training.

When I broke up with my trainer because he didn't want me drinking anymore, ever, I said I wanted to try things my way for a while and see what happens. He gave me some advice as far as my workouts should look, and I've taken those in to consideration since the last trainer I saw had me doing cardio just once a week and that didn't jive for me.

Leading up to the TIU Bikini Challenge, I started to track my food so I could see every day where my carbs are coming from, how much protein I'm getting, and is the reason my rings don't fit in the morning because I slept funny and I can't feel my hands, or am I eating just that much sodium?

I've adjusted my macros to 1,400-1,700 calories a day; 20% carbs, 40% fat, 40% protein and ya know what? It's been working for me.

This includes sitting around a bon fire with wine and putting down a couple ciders while putting the decking on the dock on a warm sunny Spring day.

This includes pasta with garlic hamburger buns for dinner and a Chinese feast for Administrative Professionals Day with my team at work.

For me and the life I want to live, it's all about balance.

To find balance and lessen my stress, I've found that grocery shopping and food prepping are two very important pieces of my puzzle.

My plan includes eating more throughout the day, making smaller meals for dinner and limiting carbs as the day goes on. A week and a half in and this has proven successful so far for me.

Breakfast: Sprouted bread with salty crunchy peanut butter with flax and chia seeds (both from TJ's), and a side of fruit

Mid-Morning Snack: Prosciutto and cantaloupe or half cup of cottage cheese.

Lunch: Turkey chili with cauliflower (just dump that frozen riced cauliflower in there and you won't even know you're getting some extra veggies). Or when time and money are really tight, canned soup.

Afternoon Snack: Carrot sticks with garlic hummus and a couple slices of deli turkey.

I absolutely love this hummus
Dinner: Turkey taco salad, chicken caesar salad, baked chicken and veggies, etc.

Bedtime Treat: Godiva dark chocolate with sea salt.

When it comes to the fitness side of things, I'm even more committed and consistent with going to the gym than I was when I was seeing a trainer three times a week. Mentally, I thought that's all I needed, three thirty minute sessions and I'd hit my goals. Not so much.

Just two days a week are cardio free where I follow the TIU plan and just do their daily workout. Every other day I aim to get in a solid 60 minute session in a spin class or on the treadmill, whether that be jogging to stay in my fat burning heart rate zones or walking at an incline.

I've learned to be happy and comfortable in the body that I am in, but if I can make that body even better by fueling it with smart, healthy foods, lots of water and good sweat sessions, then all the better ☺

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