Thursday, April 13, 2017

Breaking up with your trainer

Breakups are never easy, whether it's a boyfriend or a trainer, it's someone you've given your time to and have opened up to.

I have to break up with my trainer.

I was given an ultimatum to stop drinking all together, or he would not be able to work with me any more.

Now, this sounds like I'm a raging alcoholic and showing up to the gym slurring my words and smelling of alcohol. Not the case at all (I'm also getting my sessions in over my lunch breaks from work).

On average, I'd say I drink 2-3 nights a week. A glass of wine or two while I'm cooking dinner and watching a show before I go to bed at 9:00 PM. And then going out and being social with my friends on the weekends, trying out new breweries, distilleries and restaurants.

As much as I would love to lose 40 pounds and have abs of steel in a snap, I'm not in a place in my life where I'm willing to give up having fun and enjoying social situations by being the girl drinking club soda with a lime.

To me, life is all about finding balance. I want to live a healthy life, but I want to live my life and that life includes wine at dinner and vodka lemonades on the lake.

Our sessions will end just as the TIU Bikini Series kicks off. Those girls know balance and allow a glass of wine here and there throughout the week because they know life's realities. I'm going to do my best to follow along. The series also ends just as I'll be heading off to Seattle for a wedding. Could this be any more perfect?

I've been successful in the past losing weight and enjoying my cocktails, it's finding the balance in other ways. Like that stress I've been talking about. Now that it's Spring I'll be spending more time outdoors which is a huge stress reliever. The winter blues are real! Getting to the gym more than just when I have a training session and really getting in that cardio (the last trainer I saw said I did too much and only needed to do it 1-2 times a week). Not eating cheese curds three times a week (oops!).

I'm breaking up with my trainer and I'm going to give this a shot on my own.

I've broken up with boyfriends and have made it on my own.

I can do this too.

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