Tuesday, April 11, 2017

April showers bring April snow

Holy moly what a weekend! The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and the jackets were left behind. Of course this is Minnesota we are talking about so everything is currently covered in a blanket of snow and my open toed shoes are back in the closet.

Friday evening my friend Amelia and I took her dog for a walk to a nearby park before meeting Kari and Jason for dinner at the Bulldog Northeast. We were all pretty hungry and went HAM on appetizers and burgers before moving on with our night.

Our second stop took us to Tattersall, a local distillery. It was my first time there so I was excited to try a few of their cocktails. All were very delicious and I would definitely go back to try a few more.

Our final stop of the night was the 1029 Bar. One of my favorite places to grab a cold drink, pull up a stool and watch people karaoke.

I took advantage of having a quiet house and slept in on Saturday morning. After a lazy afternoon I decided to check out what the evening Saturday night Uber crowd would be like. I filled up my car, turned on the app and the requests kept coming.

I officially had that no-good-unsettling-pit-in-stomach passenger. Do you have a minute, cause this could get a tad long.

I was in the Western burbs and just dropped off a lovely gentlemen who was going to his buddies for a BBQ and some cards. My next request came in to pick up a guy at a bar near by. When I pulled up there were two guys outside. One of them was stumbling around trying to light a cigarette, the other guy was watching over him. I had a hunch that they were my pickup but after a few failed calls and texts I assumed the person who requested the Uber had left. There's a countdown in the app and after 5 minutes of waiting, drivers are allowed to cancel rides.

Just as I put my car in drive, one of the guys walked over to my car and that's when I realized he wasn't my passenger, but security for the bar. He said the guy I was waiting for wandered across the parking lot so I drove over to find a young twenty-something hunched over with his fingers in his mouth, falling over and trying to get a cigarette.

Seeing this is the sole reason I stayed away from driving at night, but then again, this was only 6:45 PM, so you don't typically see people this blasted.

The security guard helped get the kid in my car. He sat in the front seat and I requested that he put his seat belt on. It took about five minutes of him trying and trying again before he was able to successfully clasp the seat belt. When I started the ride, I saw that the destination was Hazelden Betty Ford Clinic. Well shit.

On our five mile drive to the clinic the kid was passed out hard core. Luckily since I insisted he put his seat belt on, that kept him in his seat. Had he not had the belt on, he would have slid out of the seat in no time, or over on to me.

When I pulled up to the clinic, I could not get the kid to wake up so I shut off my car, took my valuables and tried to get some help. There was no one at the front desk and all the doors were locked. I pressed an after hours button and finally had a response. Trying to explain my situation went a little something like this.

"Yes, I'm an Uber driver and I have a passed out guy in my car. I don't know his name or if he's supposed to be here, but he was kicked out of a bar and this is the address that I was supposed to bring him to."

Someone came to the door and I again explained my situation before he went for backup. A couple minutes later two men came to assess the situation and found out that there was one more person waiting to be admitted that day and that person was passed out in the front seat of my car.

About 5-10 minutes passed while one of the gentlemen from the clinic tried to wake up my passenger and then all of a sudden he woke up, insisted on getting out of the car and was stumbling around with absolutely zero idea of who he was or where he was.

A nurse was called and eventually so was 911.

I feel like I did a good deed by not leaving this kid in a parking lot, but man, if you could have seen the look on his face, smelled the beer and vomit on him, you would have wanted to drive away too.

I continued to drive until midnight and the rest of my passengers were much more put together. I think I would continue to drive on Friday or Saturday nights, the fares rack up a lot faster and people are usually just out for a good time.

Sunday morning was much more productive than Saturday. I got up feeling fresh and ready for the day ahead of me. I went to the gym to work with my trainer who murdered my arms. Have you ever gone so hard on an arm workout that your arms won't hang right and you look like a gorilla when you walk. That's me.

After my training session I dropped my car off at home and walked to Cycle Bar in Uptown. I was participating in a spin class for RivALZ, previously Blondes vs. Brunettes. It was such a gorgeous day, perfect for a pre-spin walk in the sunshine.

I'm no rookie when it comes to spin classes, but this instructor was all over the place and didn't give the best instructions. He was very entertaining to watch though. Cycle Bar as a whole was pretty cool. When you walk in they have a wall of spin shoes to choose from. I had never taken a spin class with actual spinning shoes and if I get back into it, I think it would be a great investment. They also offered different temperature water on tap which was pretty neat☺

After class a couple of us went to a bar across the street to soak up some sunshine on the rooftop and reward ourselves with a couple beers.

When the clouds started to roll in we all walked to our respective homes and called it a day.

I completed a puzzle I'd been working on since Christmas break (finally) and then made my second Home Chef meal. The thyme and rosemary pork tenderloin and mashed broccoli was very simple to make and tasted quite delicious too.

I think Monday's should be mandatory weekend recovery days.
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