Thursday, March 30, 2017

Landlords Uffda!

I can not wait until the day I no longer have to deal with a landlord. Earlier this week I was going back and forth with our landlord trying to discuss options on how we can extend our lease through the Summer. He had already listed our unit (we hadn't given notice) and had showings set up for later that afternoon, which we had just found out about that morning. Luckily, for us, we were able to work with a group that has a flexible move out date and they are willing to wait until August to move in!

The rental market in Minneapolis is tough! There's really two options, the new ultra modern apartments with every amenity under the sun where they charge you an arm and a leg. Or older buildings that have never been renovated, you're most likely sharing rent with a mouse and the chance of having off street parking is slim to none. I have a lot of experience living in the latter, but with the booming rental market, even those units have ridic rates. On the plus side I gained an extra two months to figure out where I'll be moving to this Summer.

Due to the last minute showings, I finally dropped off a box of clothes that I've had hanging out in my room since MLK Jr. Day when I decided I would purge my closet. I sent the rest of the clothes to ThredUp so with any luck they didn't toss out everything I sent in and I'll get some sort of pay out☺

After dealing with the landlord and finally resolving the moving/extending the lease situation I picked up some sun flowers. Something about bright fresh flowers hanging out in your room really helps kick the stress of it all.

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  1. Ohhh yes, I had an interview yesterday that would require a terrible commute, or I could move...Problem is I finish grad school in August, so I'd love to move September or October....which isn't the best for rentals. But oh well, it will all work out!