Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Oahu, Hawaii November 2016 Part 7

On our last day in Oahu Kari and I once again beat the sun to get in our final hike of the trip. This one was a doozy! Koko Crater Stairs. I was secretly hoping that we wouldn't do this hike because the more I researched it, the more intimidated I got. The incline is seriously terrifying, especially when you arrive and can barely make out the 'stairs' at the top of the crater. Now that its been done, I'm really glad I did it and it was a serious test of endurance and strength!

Koko Crater Stairs are hardly stairs at all, in fact they are old railway ties that would take supplies up to the military lookouts at the top! Some of ties were missing and replaced with boards, some were replaced with rock, and there was a section of probably 30 ties that they called a bridge because if you didn't get your footing right, there was about a 10 foot drop to the ground before you rolled 1,000 feet to the base of the crater.

When we got back to the house the Vikings game had just kicked off. Unfortunately we couldn't get it to come in on the tv, but we were able to listen to it thanks to KFAN and bluetooth speakers.

Since we were poor planners, we lucked into getting in on a four wheeling adventure at Kualoa Ranch. Go-pro video coming on that one. There were three or four groups of six and I was the first in line in our group. Our leader was awesome and took us a little faster then we were probably supposed to go, but who wants to putter around at 10 mph?

Since Kualoa Ranch is where a lot of films and tv shows are filmed, we toured around and stopped at the location where Godzilla's footprints were (sadly had to be filled in because the ranch cows kept falling in and getting stuck 😂!!), we drove through a structure that will be in the new Jumanji movie, swung by the scene from Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates where they were four wheeling (I was way too excited about that one) and then the biggest surprise of all came when we went to the spot where Jurassic Park was filmed and we almost got attacked by a Dinosaur!

We survived!

To wrap up the tour we stopped at a WWII bunker in the side of the mountain that had been used as a lookout when one of the military bases was near by. Now it's used for shows such as Hawaii 5-0, Lost, Jurassic World, etc.

Between the hike up Koko Crater and a dusty ride on the four wheelers, I'm still cleaning dirt out of the clothes I wore that day. No lie. I it were...

To wrap up this vacation recap, let me leave you with some airplane shots.
Goodbye Hawaii 
Hello Mt. Rainier
Hello Home (and you wonder why it's the land of 10,000 lakes!)

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