Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Oahu, Hawaii 2016 Part 6

To check off another sunrise hike, mom, Kari and I were up before the sun to make it to the Makapu'u Point Lighthouse Trail. This trail is on the southern tip of Oahu and a very easy hike since it is a gradual climb on a newly paved path.

Kari and I went at our own pace and met mom at the top. Before meeting mom back at the bottom of the trail, we climbed a little higher to check out some pill boxes and the view on the other side.

When we all reached the bottom, we took another path that was flat and took you to a hidden beach where some kids were camping.

Taking it all in

After our hike, he headed back to the house before loading up the car and driving to the North Shore.

We went to Giovanni's Food Truck in Hale'iwa for some shrimp.

Then we went to the Dole Plantation for Pineapple floats and a ride on the Pineapple Express (you can skip the train ride).

Did you have ANY IDEA this is how pineapples grow??
Trying to kill some time before meeting family for dinner, we went to Banzai Pipeline beach to watch some surfing. I am a pretty darn good swimmer, but even these waves intimidated me!

After we got some sun and I finished day dreaming about moving here forever, we quickly changed and met some family at Turtle Bay. We were a little early for our dinner reservation so we grabbed a drink and watched the sun set.

Rainbow on one side of the resort

Sunset on the other
As we watched the sun set there was a man playing the ukulele and singing 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow'. I don't think Nicholas Sparks could have scripted this any better.

We had dinner at a restaurant at the resort which my family agreed was our least exciting meal and pretty standard hotel restaurant food. Pretty disappointing considering it is Turtle Bay. All in all though, it was a lot of fun for me to be able to explore the North Shore of Oahu!

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