Monday, November 14, 2016

Oahu, Hawaii November 2016 Pt. 1

Bright and early Halloween morning, Kari and I headed off to the airport to catch the first leg of our flight to Hawaii! Of course nothing goes 100% according to plan and someone forgot their ID at home. Luckily I think being at least two hours early for any flight is the latest you should be at an airport, so Kari's boyfriend was kind enough to drive the 30 minutes back to their house to get the ID and drive 30 minutes back to the airport.

We were able to get through security relatively quick and had just enough time to pull up to a bar near our gate, scarf down breakfast and a mimosa and we were on our way to Seattle!

When we landed in Seattle we had 45 minutes before our connecting flight took off so we headed straight to the gate where there just so happened to be a bagel shop. We each grabbed a bite to eat to bring on the plane and before we knew it we were back up in the air.

We flew Alaska airlines the whole way. Somehow I completely lucked out and had an empty seat next to me on what was supposed to be a sold out flight. When flying to Hawaii, Alaska offers a special juice. I ordered that, along with a little vodka to get the trip started off on the right foot.

As we were getting closer to descending, the flight attendants came around with complimentary Mai Tai's. I was sitting close enough to the front of the plane and was offered one from first class, which just meant I got a spear with a cherry and pineapple.

Mom and Dad got in a little earlier than us, so we just met them at the rental car pick up and were off to our VRBO rental for the week!

I had been doing my research and found a house called SugarMill Beach House. It is on the East side of Oahu and right across the street from the wedding that we were going to later in the week.

View from upstairs bedroom
View looking down the stairs
View looking up the stairs to three bedrooms and a bathroom
View from backyard
My morning view every day
We couldn't have asked for a better place to stay. Since it was just the four of us, we each had our own bedroom, two had oceanfront sliding doors that led to a wrap around deck on the second floor of the house. There were two very large bathrooms with double vanities, showers and plenty of hooks to hang towels and wet swimming suits.

Most of the houses that you see on Air B&B or VRBO in the area that we stayed in are actually across the street from the ocean, even when they say beachfront. Our house was right on the water with a beautifully green and flat yard. There was a seawall that I spent many mornings sitting on watching the sea turtles pop out of the water, the crabs scurry along the wall, gecko's bolting through the yard, and the funniest pair of Brazilian Cardinals that always showed up as a pair and got oddly close to us. One was a bit more brave than the other and got very close to getting inside one morning. We were also lucky to have a chicken next door one day. Chickens are everywhere! I had no clue we would see them all around the island. I highly enjoyed the group of chickens and chicks hanging out in the McDonald's parking lot. Not sure if they knew what they were getting themselves into with that spot.

We spent the first day grabbing some groceries, getting acquainted with the house and we grabbed a quick bite to eat at Dean's Drive In, that had been featured on Diner's, Drive In's and Dives.
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