Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Oahu, Hawaii November 2016 Part 2.

Our first morning waking up at the Sugar Mill Beach House was like waking up in a dream. Listening to the waves crash against the sea wall right outside my bedroom door was something I could easily get used to.

Since Minnesota had a five hour time difference we were usually up before 5:00 AM. Kari and I took advantage of our early mornings and went on a couple of hikes. The first hike that we did was called the Lanikai Pillboxs trail.

We started the trek up the mountain to the pillboxes around 6:00 AM and we wrapped it up around 7:30 AM. The pillboxes are old concrete platforms used in WWII that housed high-powered observing instruments to fix a maritime vessel's position from the station.

The beginning of the trek up was probably the most challenging since it was the steepest part of the trail, loose dirt and only a few branches to help pull you up. Once we hit rocky terrain it became more of a path that you could easily navigate. Going back down was by far the trickiest part for me.

Anywhere you looked, the view was breathtaking!

The Moks at sunrise
View from pillbox 1

View from the top of pillbox 2
View from the top of pillbox 2
When we arrived back at the house we cleaned up and headed out for lunch at Kona Brewing Company. Their main restaurant and the location where they brew the beer is located on the Big Island, but since we were such big fans of their commercials and slogan, we wanted to stop by for a visit and some nice cold beers.

In honor of Prince they had a beer called Purple Grain and at 11% abv it was quite delicious. I opted for the sampler and really enjoyed the beers that I chose.

After lunch we did what any family does that works for a giant retailer, and we checked out the local Costco and Target. Not exactly how I would want to spend my afternoon in paradise, but sometimes you just don't get to have a choice when traveling with family.

On our drive back to the house we took the scenic route. Once we turned a corner and came out of a mountain I saw one of the most amazing views, the kind of view that makes you want to cancel your ticket home and stay forever.

For dinner we went to Haleiwa Joe's in Kaneohe. This location is less touristy and is located in the Haiku Gardens. The restaurant is open air, the staff was incredibly friendly and the food was delicious!
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