Wednesday, October 12, 2016

A Week in Workouts

The thing I love most about my gym is the people that work there. From the folks at the front desk checking you in to the people at the trainers desk available for questions, everyone is so friendly!

After I met with my nutritionist last week, I had an evening personal training session. In both sessions I asked about why my weight went up even though nothing really changed as far as my diet and workouts go.

After my workout with Akeem, we printed out my first Inbody scale weigh-in and compared it to my last two weigh-ins. An Inbody scale registers body fat & lean body mass, intracellular (water in the muscle), extracellular (water outside of cells) and total body water, obesity analysis and segmental lean analysis.

What my reports show is that I've gained 3 pounds in water weight, and lost 4 pounds in body fat. He seemed a little stumped at what the report was showing and said it could be a multitude of things, sodium intake, drinking too much water before stepping on the scale, stress, etc.

One of my goals is to pay attention to my sodium intake, since I seem to go over that on a daily basis according to MyFitnessPal, and see if anything changes from eating less sodium.

Weekly Workouts

Monday: Kari and I worked out together and did the TIU 31 Day Challenge. While I waited for her to get to the gym, I jogged on the treadmill for 30 minutes.

Tuesday: It was another TIU 31 Day Challenge workout that was all arms, baby! Followed by three rounds of sprints on the treadmill.

Wednesday: Personal training session with Akeem. We did drop sets on the leg press, starting at 160lb and worked my way down to to 100lb.  That equaled out to 190 leg presses, I was dead. Then we moved to hamstring curls and did drop sets on those starting at 60lb and went down to 30lb, and that came out to 48 hamstring curls. I died again. To wrap the session he worked my abs by doing what he called a ball catch sit-up. I died literally six times attempting that. When I said I have no core strength Akeem chimed in and set 'yet, no core strength, yet!'

Thursday: TIU 31 Day Challenge and 30 minutes of cardio. Since I have to close the office on Thursday's I don't always love going to the gym because I don't get home until after 7:00. Because of this, I did three 10 minute stair climbs in the office stairwell. Considering I work on the 49th floor, I will never run out of stairs to walk, lunge or jump. It wasn't until the second round of walking back up the stairs that I regretted that decision because I was definitely feeling the workout from the day before.

Friday: TIU 31 Day Challenge moves from Thursday and Friday followed by 30 minutes of cardio and some foam rolling. I desperately needed some foam rolling!

Saturday: Since Friday was a low key night in with myself, a movie and a bottle of Trader Joe's Cranberry Secco (buy it, try it, love it!), I was up bright and early Saturday morning, actually it wasn't bright, it was 6:00 AM which is still dark now. Anyway, my early wake up allowed me to hit the gym for TIU 31 Day Challenge and a vinyasa class before brunch with the girls!

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