Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Eating is Exhausting!

A week ago I received the information I needed to get going on this IIFYM lifestyle and it's been exhausting, the eating that is. I had a huge hiccup over the holiday weekend because of the birthday party I hosted for my parents 60th at our cabin. It's been tough getting back in to the swing of things, but I almost hit my numbers yesterday, I felt like I was eating allllll day long!

Clearly I am still working on this, and I had a moment of weakness where I heated up some ramen (ramen 4 lyfe!) and went way over my alotted Sodium, but all in all I really worked to get my calories in. I'm still under in my protein, but I'm becoming more aware of what foods are good protein sources.

This afternoon was my third nutritional coaching session and we just went over my mentality, how I was understanding IIFYM and what my goals should be for the next two weeks.

Mentality - All my life, everything I've read and heard was that women should eat no more then 1,200 calories a day, carbs are bad, and you should watch your protein intake. What I'm learning and slightly struggling with is that 1,200 calories is oh so very wrong for ME. Since I've starting tracking with IIFYM I have actually gained a pound of muscle and lost 2% body fat.

It's crazy to know that I need so much more food to see the results I really want. It's not awful, it will just take a little more prep time and I just need to make sure I have my snacks with me when I'm not at work (where I store all my food).

Goals - We set a few goals for the next two weeks
1. Track and weigh everything!
2. Cardio & strength train at least 3x a week
3. Water, water, water!
4. Email weekly progress pics and weight

We decided that instead of meeting again next week we'll go a quick virtual connect to see how I've been doing over the week before meeting again.

Sunday I plan to start DTOX, I'm kind of excited about that, but mostly terrified.

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  1. Love the idea, but the tracking a red onion just kills me, keep up the good work!!

  2. I'm a local in Minneapolis (long time reader), and I'm totally curious of which nutritionist yous saw? I know my metabolism is not functioning properly, so if you don't mind sharing, I'd love to know which clinic you went to!