Tuesday, September 20, 2016

D-Tox Days 5-8

Fell off the bandwagon over here, go figure. Day 5 started out pretty typical with my morning shake, chicken wild rice soup and salad, a quick gym session...then I went to my cousins vow renewal where all hell broke lose.

There was an open bar and passed appetizers. I told myself I could have one or two glasses of wine that soon turned in to more than I can remember. Self control is not one of my strong points. I was ok with the passed appetizers since they had chicken skewers and some other items I knew I could eat, but not enough food where I didn't regret a few of those glasses of wine the next morning.

Since I was riding the struggle bus, Day 6 didn't start with a clear head. I texted some friends to see who would join me in brunch. I walked the quick one and a half mile to the restaurant, ordered my bottomless mimosa and corned beef hash with a side of bacon. Followed by an outdoor BBQ where I could tell I had my fare share of carrot sticks based on the amount of veggie dip dropped on my shirt.

Day 7, still on the struggle bus I went to Punch pizza with one of my roommates. I knew I was going to regret ordering a pizza. They had all these lovely salads on the menu and my mouth just spat out the words 'pepperoni pizza and a coke'. I had zero control of those words. I ate half the pizza and we headed to a local beach to lay out and had some great people watching.

I took the rest of my pizza to my parents to watch the best Viking victory to date and continued to feel the pain of the red sauce.

Day 8 took me to Minute Clinic where I got some antibiotics for an infection I woke up with and consisted of me nearly drinking a whole bottle of Cranberry juice, definitely not part of the D-Tox.

I don't know if going 3 1/2 days completely off the wagon means I should just give up and start over or not, so I'm not going to start over 100%, just going to pick up where I left off.
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