Friday, September 16, 2016

D-Tox Day 4

Day 4 of D-Tox and the stomach discomfort that I was having the first three days is completely gone. However, my face is starting to do some weird things (break out/dry patches)  and I'm sweating quite a bit. I assume this is from toxins being released. I'm a pretty sweaty person in general, but it only seems to be triggered from caffeine or working up a sweat, not from sitting at my work desk typing away. Seeing as how my food has been the same for the last four days, I can only assume these are side effects from the fibermend and mediclear shake.

The best thing about this D-tox is that the food restrictions hardly feel restricting at all. I was having a day where it just wasn't great for no particular reason, when I got off the bus it started raining and I just felt sort of down. I treated myself to one of my favorite dinners, steak and potatoes. All D-Tox approved and helped me hit my macros for the day. Yay!

Macros: C: 40.2g // F: 15.9g // P: 42.6g
I just pan cooked the steak with some ghee and fresh garlic (4 min/side, perfect med/med-rare), boiled the potatoes with a few cloves of garlic and salt, then tossed the asparagus in the steak pan with the left over juices, ghee and garlic while the steak rested. So delicious! Do I sense a garlic fan in the house?? I think so!

I had a moment of weakness and purchased some Halo protein ice cream, tried it, enjoyed it, will most likely try it again. I also indulged in a glass or two of wine. I couldn't help my self. It was storming and I had that beautiful steak that just screamed wine!

Even though I skipped the gym, I am down another .2lbs.
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