Wednesday, September 14, 2016

D-Tox Day 2

Day 2 is off to the same start that Day 1 was. No real side effects other than some slight stomach discomfort, but I consider that pretty normal when you are getting a ton of protein and vitamins all at once.

Food for the day was pretty standard.

Breakfast: Morning shake with fibermend and mediclear

Snack: Turkey jerkey

Lunch: Chicken wild rice soup, the brothy version with red peppers, carrots and onions and a green salad with grapes and balsamic vin & olive oil.

Snack: Granny smith apple and carrots

Dinner: Red potatoes, steamed broccoli and sauteed chicken in ghee

Workout: 45 min elliptical

Depending on what time I weigh myself (morning or after work) and which scale I use (mine or the Inbody scale at the gym) I'm down anywhere from 2-5 pounds since last weeks weigh in. It's nice to finally see a change on the scale.

The Inbody scale is my new favorite piece of technology because it also shows you your body fat percentage and from the beginning of the 60 day challenge 4 weeks ago, I am down 4% body fat and I've gained 1 pound of lean muscle.

The thing about working out is that it takes so long for others to notice changes on your body, so to have a scale that sort of stands behind you and is like, 'you go girl! look at you gaining lean muscle and loosing that body fat!' is pretty cool. It's helped me to stop looking at just the big number on the scale and pay more attention to the smaller numbers that are going to show my results more.
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