Thursday, August 11, 2016

Up North

Hey folks! Anyone still around??

I'll be popping in a bit more frequently again in the coming months. Exciting things are happening after a few months of just daily living. Let me fill you in on one thing that I feel is crazy cool and I can't wait to see the outcome.

A couple weeks ago a local shop reached out to me expressing interest in one of the shirts I had designed and sold on Etsy. After some chatting, they asked if I would be interested in having my shirt sold in their store and also in their 2016 holiday gift guide!

Timing in my life is everything and the timing on this couldn't have been more perfect. I was just about to totally throw in the towel on the whole t-shirt thing and then there it was, the email to give me the drive to continue on.

This beauty. My pride and joy. Will be in two stores in Minnesota, one in South Minneapolis, and a holiday gift guide!

You can pretty much guarantee I'll be stopping by the store to check it out once it's for sale.

Stay tuned for more information on that!

More exciting things and going ons.

*I'm co-hosting with my sisters a 60th birthday bash for my parents over Labor Day weekend at our family cabin. I have so many ideas on how I want it to look, but building a giant log cabin with stone fireplaces in a couple weeks time just won't do. I'll have to work with what I have. Canoe beverage cooler? I think yes!

*We're about two and a half months away from our Hawaii trip. I can't wait to share that here. We rented the most amazing house right on the beach and literally steps from where the wedding will take place. Like, when I put it in to Google maps it told me 1,857 steps, that's less than a mile. Huge win on that one!

*We had two amazing back-to-back weekends at the cabin hosting cousins and then friends. I received my GoPro just before our cousins weekend and I'm currently working on putting together a video of the weekend. If anyone has any GroPro tips, please share them!

*The Olympics are on and I have never been more in to them as I am this year. I'm also completely sleep deprived and drinking too much wine while cheering for USA. As a former swimmer and volleyball player, these first few days have been very fun to watch.

*My whole family pretty much got new/new to them cars. I said goodbye to my 2003 Hyundai Tiburon. It's going off to a scrap metal yard. We had so many good times together. Countless trips back and forth from Sioux Falls to loading it up so I couldn't see out the windows and coming back home to Minnesota. Weekends with the sunroof open and music up on our cruises up North. It was the very first car I purchased and she sure treated me well over the last 11 years together. She was started to show her age when the driver's side window wouldn't work, you had to manually pump gas while holding the lever just so and getting 1/2 gallon at a time. No one wants to spend 20 minutes filling up a gas tank. And finally, the radio went out. I've upgraded a bit, my windows all work, it takes less than 3 minutes to fill the tank these days, the radio works and even has a jack to stream music through my phone, not that silly tape deck.

Well I think we're all caught up. I'll stop back soon to share more going ons and update you on my t-shirt!

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