Monday, August 29, 2016

Resting Metabolic Assessment

This morning I took the easiest test of my life and according to the woman that monitored this test, I did very well.

Ok, there was absolutely no way I couldn't make it through sitting in a recliner for thirty minutes open mouth breathing into a mask. That was the easy part and went by surprisingly fast for 7:00 AM on a Monday.

In order to get the most accurate numbers for my Nutritionist to calculate what my macros should be, I did a Resting Metabolic Assessment. I found out that by doing absolutely nothing for a whole day, my body burns 2,014 calories.

Basically, any fewer calories than that and I am starving my body. My mind was blown because I've always been under the assumption that in order to lose weight I would have to eat way less calories then that. Hmm, this might be why my weight loss efforts haven't been so great.

By doing this assessment, I also found out that my body only burns 15% fat and 85% carbs. These numbers should actually be flipped. I was told this could do with stress, lack of sleep and/or alcohol.

To be honest, I had a weekend of celebrating my birthday and spent Sunday in my hometown celebrating another birthday. I also stuffed my face with pizza late last night which kept me up all night with stomach pains. I know pizza is on my do-not-eat list because of the tomato sauce (acid-reflux) and melted cheese (stomach cramps and endless trips to the bathroom). It's my weakness, it was late, I was starving and tired.

I upgraded MyFitness Pal so I can insert my macros. I was under the impression that I ate a relatively balanced diet when I watched what I was eating. I learned I do not get nearly enough fat or protein but I consume about twice as many carbs as someone should in a day. That was another eye opener.

Now that my nutritionist has all the information she needs, I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of eating plan she sets up for me and if this is finally the ticket I need to start losing some fat.

Tomorrow will be a big gym day as I am doing a lunch time personal training session, the Try it Tuesday event in the evening is learning how to use your heart rate zones to burn fat, followed by a complimentary pilates class.  Looks like I might need to bring an extra pair of workout clothes.
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