Wednesday, August 31, 2016


I met with my nutritionist after she received my RMA results and we talked about my numbers for IIFYM.

If you're anything like me, then you listened to all the magazines and blogs that say to lose weight a women should consume no less then 1,200 calories, and that 1,400 is a good place to start.

Well, once again, my mind was blown with the numbers I was given. Blown in a good way, like 'yay! I won't have to starve to lose weight!' and also blown like 'wow, my metabolism must be f*cked!' All this time I have literally been starving my body because it needs about an extra 1,000 calories daily just to survive!

D-TOX Chili
Having to change my mind set to eat 2,365 calories a day, 230 grams of carbs, 170 grams of protein and 85 grams of fat is a bit daunting, but it's one I'm definitely ready to tackle. (<--- provided for me specifically from my nutritionist based on my RMA, height, weight, age and lifestyle)

I am absolutely loving my current state of mind because I have been so focused and eager to learn about nutrition and working out for my body, I hope it sticks around for quite some time.

One day this week I took full advantage of the free opportunities I was given and went a little HAM. I started with a great personal training session over lunch that really got me sweating. We focused on my problem areas, hips, thighs, core and of course the booty.

Later in the day I participated in the Try It Tuesday event that was called 'How To Burn Fat'. We met on the treadmill and one of the trainers put us through a fat burning cardio session. I did my AMA last November so I was able to stay in my zones during the whole workout. I enjoyed this class because it clarified the different zones and what it means to workout in them.

After the cardio session I tried a 'Discovery to Pilates' class that I was offered through the 60-Day Challenge. It was really neat to try because we did all of the moves on a reformer. I've done Pilates in the past, but only on the mat. I don't think I'll become a Pilates addict, but I could see trying it again from time to time.

This week I made some super clean recipes from the D-TOX that I'll be starting in a little over a week. One is the chili you see above. It's great because it's so clean. Shredded zucchini, diced red pepper, white onion, free range ground turkey, blended tomatoes, beans and more beans, organic low sodium chicken broth and seasoned to taste.

Another recipe I tried a Greek Mediterranean Chicken Salad. I have some tweaking to do on that one still.

My homework for the next two weeks is to hit my macros every single day and take progress pics and my weight each Monday and send them to my nutritionist. After that, we'll either change up my macros or continue with what I am doing.

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