Monday, March 14, 2016

My Liver's On a Break

For two whole months I had a reservation at a popular Minneapolis restaurant, Spoon & Stable. Friday was finally the big day! It was such a gorgeous day out so a few of us met on a rooftop for a quick happy hour before our early dinner started.

Spoon & Stable has been the restaurant of the year and practically impossible to get a reservation at on a weekend, especially for a group of eight. When I called to make the reservation I just said I want a Friday or Saturday night, don't care what time, but we have a group of eight. So, we got 5:30. Fine with me seeing as how our whole group didn't even arrive until close to 6:00.

I started with their specialty cocktail which was sort of like a margarita, but not. Almost everyone at the table ordered the mushroom soup which they all enjoyed. I had the crispy potatoes because Potato is my middle name and I never pass up an opportunity to eat a spud or two. They were indeed crispy and were on a creamy tomato aioli. For dinner we moved on to a red wine and I ordered the Heritage Wheat Tagliatelle, which was a veal ragu. It was tasty and very filling, but with the exceptional Spring weather we've been having I had a hard time choosing what I wanted off the menu. Portion sizes we're great as a lot of us were not able to finish our meals. We did however, have room to share dessert. Dessert with my friends usually comes in the form of bubbles, which will now be referred to as sparkles when drank at night.

After dinner we picked up a couple more bottles of sparkles and went to a friends place for some rooftop fun. There was a fire pit that we huddled around while taking in the amazing view of Minneapolis. I'll need to get back to this rooftop during daylight.

I called in a night around 11:30 since Saturday was LuckyPalooza, a St. Patrick's Day block party in St. Paul.

When we first got to the palooza it wasn't too crowded so we walked up and down the street, scoped out some tents and rooftops, a BMX-er that was doing stunts and some skateboarders and a couple live bands and DJ's. As the day went on the streets began to fill up something fierce! I think it had something to do the a 70* in early March in Minnesota. The routine of the day went a little something like this, stand in line for a beer, get beer, stand in line for bathroom and repeat. Between all the restaurants, outdoor vendors and tents, you would think lines wouldn't be so ridiculous. It was another relatively early evening since the day started a bit early and we'd been on our feet for hours. The people watching was amazing!

After all that, my body needs a rest. I've been struggling to get back in to my routine after my vacation what was a month ago already! Today marks the day of getting back to my new pre-vacay normalcy. Wish me luck.

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