Tuesday, March 29, 2016

10 On Tuesday: 10 Facts About Ali

Today I'm bringing you 10 facts about me, the girl behind the blog.

That's me!
1. In my mid twenties I owned a motorcycle. It was a dark dark blue Kawasaki Vulcan. I hate motorcycles but I guess #FOMO got the best of me since all of my friends were Harley riders and I wanted to tag along on poker runs on the weekends. I never drove the thing, it was too big for me, I just rode on the back.

2. Writing is a sense of therapy for me, which is why I started this blog, but I also have journals from over the last 10 years. Something about putting pen to paper and handwriting the words you are feeling is such a release for me. It's fun to go back and read through some of them, also goes to show some things never change because a lot of the entries seem to be about boys.

3. My Freshman year of high school we moved to a suburb of Milwaukee and I was really struggling. I had to meet with my counselor once a week and work with him. We would go over different reading materials and I'd have to summarize what was read. Fast forward five years and I was going to a local community college where I was tested for dyslexia. Turns out that was my struggle all along. Too bad we didn't figure that out earlier in life.

4. I love to read and I believe that learning I was dyslexic turned me on to reading. Now that I knew what to do to be able to read and comprehend a sentence at a time, I took to reading and now I'm hooked.

5. I make an unconscious sound that my mom has been pointing out lately. I think I would describe it as a slight 'humph'/'clearing throat' sound. Neither sound attractive, so we'll file that one under a quirk, because that sounds much more attractive.

6. When I was 17 I was banned from the state of Iowa for 6 months but I didn't find out for almost a year. I was driving my sister back to school at Iowa State, she was napping, we were running a little late so I put the pedal to the Honda Civic station wagons metal and got us up to 120mph. Dumb, I know. I woke my sister up and told her I think we were going to get pulled over. She looked behind and didn't see anything, then the lights appeared. He 'claims' someone called me in. Anyway, we had recently moved back to Minnesota from Wisconsin where my latest records were and they sent the notice to our old address. When I went to update my license that's when I found out about my IA ban.

7. I have a tramp stamp. When I got my tattoo I didn't know what a tramp stamp was. I wanted to get a butterfly tattoo in memory of a friend that passed away in elementary school. They did a butterfly release at her funeral and I started noticing butterflies would always be around, sit on my shoulder floating in the pool, sit on the top of my magazine laying out in the yard, etc. I don't regret the tattoo, I just wish it didn't come with the name.

8. I have a strange amazing love for all things cheese. String cheese, cheesy potatoes, cheesy alfredo sauce, nacho cheese, cheesy crackers, cheese flavored chips, mozzarella cheese, parmesan cheese, gouda, colby jack, havarti, cream cheese, grilled cheese, the list is honestly endless.

9. I also LOVE potatoes. Ask anyone in my family and they will not deny my potato love, or the fact that I make the best potatoes no matter what kind you are looking for. Scalloped, au gratin, baked, mashed, garlic mashed, garlic mashed with bacon, roasted, toasted, grilled, fries. Cheese and potatoes man, they are soo good.

10. When I'm cooking I always have music on and throw a little dance party with my, myself and I. It's one of my favorite parts of the day. I can belt out my favorite songs and dance around my little kitchen with no worry of anyone catching me, except possibly the guy in the building next to mine. Oddly, we both keep our blinds open the same amount so I can only see him from the waist down. I've debated writing my phone number on my window. Let's hope the dance party doesn't end when I move in to the Hen House in a couple months!

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  1. Right there with you on your love for cheese and potatoes, Ali!!

  2. Cheese and potatoes are the best!! Especially if they're together.