Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Stolen Jacket

If you watch the news then you know that here in Minneapolis we have been experiencing temperatures colder than the Antarctic. It's really fun. We are all officially Bad Asses because of our super human powers to endure temperatures that can freeze pants standing up.

Friday night started out quite perfect. I got in a couple hours at the gym so I wouldn't feel guilty going out later.

I met a few friends at my new favorite wine bar just down the street from my house. They have live music every night and Friday's duo was so enjoyable we stayed for several more glasses of wine.

After the fancy part of the evening, we ventured to the VFW and later to Fremont to end our night dancing to hits from N*Sync, Beyonce, etc.

As the night came to a close, I went to go get my jacket from the bottom of the coat pile to discover that it had been replaced with a much uglier, less warm and way not my size crap coat.

There are two up sides and three downsides to this.

Downside 1: My apartment/mail keys were in my jacket pocket! How will I get in to my apartment? After bar close? My landlord lives in TX!

Downside 2: My headphones were also in my pocket because I listen to music every time I walk somewhere. Literally, everywhere. Even if it's across the street to the grocery store. I need my music!

Upside 1: I wanted to purchase new headphones before my vacation. Now I had to. Yurbuds to the rescue! If anyone has a recommendation for great wireless buds, please let me know. I always get tangled in the cord at the gym and I look like I'm having a 'special' episode.

Downside 3: The feel like temp was somewhere below -20 and I was left without a warm winter jacket and no keys to get in to my apartment! Essentially left homeless and cold.

Upside 2: I really wanted to purchase a new winter jacket this season but since it started out so mild, I figured I'd save the cash and make it through another Winter with my old jacket. Spring is just around the corner I can feel it! High's of -10 without wind chill forced me to bundle up in layered sweat shirts and speed walk to Columbia. The winter jacket Gods were on my side because the cutest jacket was $150 off the original price and I scored an additional 20% off that. Winner winner chicken dinner!

WHO has the nerve to steal someone's jacket in the dead of winter. Couldn't they have checked the pockets before they snatched it? Leave the keys at least?!

They will soon discover this ol jacket has many, many secret holes where items disappear and you'll spend days searching for your car keys and eventually calling a lock smith and then discover you keys slipped through a hole in your pocket. This jacket looses a duck worth of feathers weekly and many seams have recently been sewn back up.

Luckily I have a great landlord and spare keys in my apartment. All is right in my little world, I just can't get my mail.

Just know, if I see you wearing my jacket, I will probably punch you.
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  1. I'm sorry your jacket was stolen. That's a "terrible, horrible, no good, very bad" :) way to end what I hope was an otherwise great night. Sadly, you're not alone in the coat loss victimization. A few years ago, my winter coat was taken from a communal coat closet during a huge work meeting. I was lucky in that I decided to keep my car keys in my purse that day, but I had just bought my coat, and I wasn't able to find a replacement at the same price point. I hope that whoever ended up with your and my coats needed them!

  2. I can't even imagine! That is just crazy. I'm glad you could see the upsides, though. I wish I could see spring just around the corner. And I have to know - which is your new favorite wine bar?! Always lookin' for cool ones.