Friday, January 15, 2016

Fitness Friday: TIU Challenge Week 2!

Look-y here it's week 2 of the Tone It Up 8 Week Challenge! I do most of my posting on IG (alifit84), but I'll recap my workouts for you here.

Back in October I started hitting the gym a bit more regular because I wasn't feeling awesome in my own skin. The last day of October I became a single gal, changed gyms and spent most of November playing, aka never saying no to going out. I spent time figuring out my new gym, what classes I liked, what ones I didn't and eventually got in to a decent routine.

Last night I took a look through a log I'm keeping and found my measurements from October 29, 2015. Since then I'm down approx 10 inches, the most inches have come off my thighs, hips and chest, the places my weight tends to go when I gain it. I'm also down 11-12 pounds, about a pound a week. It's not something most people will notice, unless you're me and stare at yourself in the mirror wondering how you got this way.

I've taken before and after pictures that will probably never be shared over the internet, but the progress over the last 2.5 months has continued to push me to not give up, make healthy choices, and keep getting my ass to the gym. I've even given up my Bachelor Mondays (thanks On Demand!) so I can make my warrior sculpt class. Now that's commitment.

My meals for the week have stayed exactly the same as last week with the exception of dinner.

M1: Tea, two organic brown eggs, banana
M2: Two clementines
M3: Tuna wrap and an apple
M4: Mixed nuts
M5: TOSTADAS!! (plain greek yogurt totes works as sour cream!)

I am not complaining about eating this all week!


Followed by Warrior Sculpt

Lifebarre class at the gym


Followed by Warrior Sculpt - almost walked out of this class. It was a sub instructor who kicked everyone's ass. One person did walk out and the rest of us were begging for relief. 

Rest aka - too busy at work + girls dinner!

2 Mile Run
Tone HIIT Up x2
Kettle Booty x2

Cause I'd rather spend Friday night at the gym rather than my couch with a big bottle of red wine...said no Ali ever.

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