Monday, January 4, 2016

Christmas Break 2015 & 2016 Goals

Well look-y here, it's 2016!

Ever get in such a routine that there really isn't much to share without sounding redundant? That's exactly where I've been. Then, Christmas break happened and I actually did stuff, like besides going to the gym and work.

For the last two years my company has given us the week between Christmas and New Years off. For most of that time I hung out at my parents with Miley, celebrated Christmas with both my mom and dad's sides, spent three days binge watching Nashville and then I spent the last four days of break at the cabin.

I'd really suggest you follow me on snapchat (alibubb), It appears I have stopped taking pictures and have been capturing life in 10 second snip-its.

Christmas Eve happened. I believe this was year 28 of our traditional Chinese dinner with my dad's side of the family.

Christmas Day happened. This year, as the 31 year old single child with no where to go I spent the day at mom and dads. Miley tested out my new gym bag. She thinks it's great for gym attire, but not quite her style. She's more of a flannel yorkie.

The Day After Christmas happened and someone brought a 3 week old 7 pound baby in to a bar. There were a couple mid one year old's as well. This gathering is also called, moms side of the family.

The Sunday After The Day After Christmas happened. I went to brunch with friends and we had to wear sunglasses inside. If you come to Minneapolis any time of the year, check out Union. They have a retractable roof that keeps you toasty in the winter, but allows you to get your Vitamin D you are so badly craving. In the Summer, it's your typical rooftop.

Three Days Of Nashville Binge Watching happened. I left my apartment two times. Once to move my car because of a snow emergency and the other to pick up prosecco. Priorities. 

New Years Eve At The Cabin happened. There was champagne, pool, Jeds, snow, kickball on the frozen lake, and your typical Wisconsinite that hit something bloody but couldn't bother to clean his car.

I'm not much for resolutions because those get broken. I do have a few goals for 2016.

*Really, really, actually do it this year, make this your healthiest year yet!*

*For the month of January, ahem, from January 4th to February 4th(ish) only drink at special occasions, aka birthday party bus (we'll see how this goes)*

*Work out six times a week with a few double header days per week*

*Bring all my lunches from home*

*Walk 10,000 steps per day*

*Journal all those things you don't want the internet to know about, like boys. Eww, boys!*

*Read! Read real books you can hold in your hand*

*Purge your 450 sq ft space.*

*Just be kind*

Cheers to 2016!

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