Friday, January 29, 2016

Fitness Friday: Week 4 of the TIU Challenge!

I can't believe 1) I've actually stuck with this challenge for the last four weeks 2) I'm just over a week away from laying on a hot, sandy, sunny beach with a vodka lemonade in one hand and a book in the other! Ah! Soooo excited to go to Cabo again!

This week I made my first over night oats. I brought them to work, added some peanut butter, had two bites and tossed it. I think I'll stick to my eggs and banana in the morning.

M1: Two organic brown eggs and banana
M2: Two clementines
M3: Chili or tuna wrap and an apple
M4: Almonds and cashews
M5: Chicken breast, veggie and quinoa/rice mix OR Tostada (YUM!)

Spent the day going to the post office multiple times trying to solve the mystery of why my mail hasn't been delivered in two weeks.  UGH!


Sprint Intervals 
Warm-up 5 min
Run 3 min
Sprint 30 sec
Repeat x4
Cool Down


Warrior Sculpt Wednesday!
TIP: Don't buy new workout clothes and then sweat 10 gallons. It will rub off on the towels.

Lunch break Life Barre class

Friday #bootycall!

TIU HIIT and 30 minutes of sprint intervals

Life Barre
Warrior Sculpt

That's all she wrote folks! 

Have a great Friday!

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Friday, January 22, 2016

Fitness Friday: TIU Challenge Week 3!!!

Oooweee! Week three is here and after coming out of a long weekend, I thought this week was going to be a bust. Most of my weekend, to be completely honest, was spent in sweats on my parents couch, drinking wine, watching football/movies and playing with my dog.

I had high hopes of going to the gym on Monday and taking advantage of having the day off. Well, that didn't happen. I got back to my apartment late morning and I partially cleaned the heck out of my apartment. Like, I vacuumed, cleaned the kitchen floor on my hands and knees, went through my clothes and then I proceeded to be even more productive by making chili for my lunches for the week!

I'm 100% behind adding Monday's to the weekend. My work week is way more productive when there are only four days to get everything done and Monday's at home have proven to be quite productive as well.

Here's my week in workouts and food.

M1: Scrambled eggs, banana, tea, vitamins
M2: Two cuties. Realized I'm not a fan of halo's
M3: Homemade chili with a dollop of greek yogurt and an apple
M4: Almonds and cashews
M5: Baked chicken, rice & quinoa mix and vegetable

I don't think I've mentioned this, but besides my morning tea, I really only drink water. I try not to drink alcohol during the week unless I have an outing (if only an outing included going to the grocery store).


Afternoon Life Barre class 

Post work day run

Warrior Sculpt

Tone It Up HIIT and 45 minutes of cardio


Life Barre
Warrior Sculpt

In two weeks I will be on my way to Mexico and I can't wait! It's definitely helped me stay motivated to stay on track with my eating and making sure I get my workouts in. I've started the packing process and it's been fun to go through my closet and try on dresses that I couldn't wear over the summer that I'll be able to bring with me on my trip! It's like my warm weather wardrobe doubled as my winter/pants wardrobe is slowly outgrowing me!

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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Stolen Jacket

If you watch the news then you know that here in Minneapolis we have been experiencing temperatures colder than the Antarctic. It's really fun. We are all officially Bad Asses because of our super human powers to endure temperatures that can freeze pants standing up.

Friday night started out quite perfect. I got in a couple hours at the gym so I wouldn't feel guilty going out later.

I met a few friends at my new favorite wine bar just down the street from my house. They have live music every night and Friday's duo was so enjoyable we stayed for several more glasses of wine.

After the fancy part of the evening, we ventured to the VFW and later to Fremont to end our night dancing to hits from N*Sync, Beyonce, etc.

As the night came to a close, I went to go get my jacket from the bottom of the coat pile to discover that it had been replaced with a much uglier, less warm and way not my size crap coat.

There are two up sides and three downsides to this.

Downside 1: My apartment/mail keys were in my jacket pocket! How will I get in to my apartment? After bar close? My landlord lives in TX!

Downside 2: My headphones were also in my pocket because I listen to music every time I walk somewhere. Literally, everywhere. Even if it's across the street to the grocery store. I need my music!

Upside 1: I wanted to purchase new headphones before my vacation. Now I had to. Yurbuds to the rescue! If anyone has a recommendation for great wireless buds, please let me know. I always get tangled in the cord at the gym and I look like I'm having a 'special' episode.

Downside 3: The feel like temp was somewhere below -20 and I was left without a warm winter jacket and no keys to get in to my apartment! Essentially left homeless and cold.

Upside 2: I really wanted to purchase a new winter jacket this season but since it started out so mild, I figured I'd save the cash and make it through another Winter with my old jacket. Spring is just around the corner I can feel it! High's of -10 without wind chill forced me to bundle up in layered sweat shirts and speed walk to Columbia. The winter jacket Gods were on my side because the cutest jacket was $150 off the original price and I scored an additional 20% off that. Winner winner chicken dinner!

WHO has the nerve to steal someone's jacket in the dead of winter. Couldn't they have checked the pockets before they snatched it? Leave the keys at least?!

They will soon discover this ol jacket has many, many secret holes where items disappear and you'll spend days searching for your car keys and eventually calling a lock smith and then discover you keys slipped through a hole in your pocket. This jacket looses a duck worth of feathers weekly and many seams have recently been sewn back up.

Luckily I have a great landlord and spare keys in my apartment. All is right in my little world, I just can't get my mail.

Just know, if I see you wearing my jacket, I will probably punch you.
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Friday, January 15, 2016

Fitness Friday: TIU Challenge Week 2!

Look-y here it's week 2 of the Tone It Up 8 Week Challenge! I do most of my posting on IG (alifit84), but I'll recap my workouts for you here.

Back in October I started hitting the gym a bit more regular because I wasn't feeling awesome in my own skin. The last day of October I became a single gal, changed gyms and spent most of November playing, aka never saying no to going out. I spent time figuring out my new gym, what classes I liked, what ones I didn't and eventually got in to a decent routine.

Last night I took a look through a log I'm keeping and found my measurements from October 29, 2015. Since then I'm down approx 10 inches, the most inches have come off my thighs, hips and chest, the places my weight tends to go when I gain it. I'm also down 11-12 pounds, about a pound a week. It's not something most people will notice, unless you're me and stare at yourself in the mirror wondering how you got this way.

I've taken before and after pictures that will probably never be shared over the internet, but the progress over the last 2.5 months has continued to push me to not give up, make healthy choices, and keep getting my ass to the gym. I've even given up my Bachelor Mondays (thanks On Demand!) so I can make my warrior sculpt class. Now that's commitment.

My meals for the week have stayed exactly the same as last week with the exception of dinner.

M1: Tea, two organic brown eggs, banana
M2: Two clementines
M3: Tuna wrap and an apple
M4: Mixed nuts
M5: TOSTADAS!! (plain greek yogurt totes works as sour cream!)

I am not complaining about eating this all week!


Followed by Warrior Sculpt

Lifebarre class at the gym


Followed by Warrior Sculpt - almost walked out of this class. It was a sub instructor who kicked everyone's ass. One person did walk out and the rest of us were begging for relief. 

Rest aka - too busy at work + girls dinner!

2 Mile Run
Tone HIIT Up x2
Kettle Booty x2

Cause I'd rather spend Friday night at the gym rather than my couch with a big bottle of red wine...said no Ali ever.

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Friday, January 8, 2016

Fitness Friday - 8 Week Challenge

It's the first week of the new year and with that comes many different challenges, diet bets, detoxes etc. I am doing the 8 Week TIU and Self Challenge. Since I am a nutrition plan, aka, paid member of TIU I received the eight week meal plan to go along with this challenge.

I leave for Mexico in just over four weeks, so I am going to try with all my might to stick to this plan.

Since I live alone and only grocery shop for myself, I decided to stick with the same food for a week and change it up week by week. I'm not someone who really gets bored with chicken and veggies and since I'm packing my lunch it leaves me plenty of time to hop over to the gym for a 45 minute sweat session.

Week 1 Meal Plan:

M1: Perfect fit tea and multivitamin

Breakfast: Egg scramble with spinach and a banana

M3: Two clementines

Lunch: Tuna wrap made with greek yogurt and a handful of greens followed up with an apple

M5: 1/4 Cup mixed unsalted nuts

Dinner: Teriyaki chicken, brown rice and a vegetable of my choice, usually broccoli or green beans


Took the opportunity to do this quick HIIT routine over lunch. Finished the day with warrior sculpt.

Tone It Up: Total Body Tone

40 Minutes of cardio!
Tone It Up: Exclusive Booty and Abs



All in all a very successful week one in the books! I sweated my butt off in the gym, ate 85% clean with the exception of a wonky Thursday and a very early Friday meeting. I can already feel a difference in the way that my body feels, and that helps keep the momentum going.

Bring on week 2!

Follow me on Instagram for challenge related snaps: alifit84

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Monday, January 4, 2016

Christmas Break 2015 & 2016 Goals

Well look-y here, it's 2016!

Ever get in such a routine that there really isn't much to share without sounding redundant? That's exactly where I've been. Then, Christmas break happened and I actually did stuff, like besides going to the gym and work.

For the last two years my company has given us the week between Christmas and New Years off. For most of that time I hung out at my parents with Miley, celebrated Christmas with both my mom and dad's sides, spent three days binge watching Nashville and then I spent the last four days of break at the cabin.

I'd really suggest you follow me on snapchat (alibubb), It appears I have stopped taking pictures and have been capturing life in 10 second snip-its.

Christmas Eve happened. I believe this was year 28 of our traditional Chinese dinner with my dad's side of the family.

Christmas Day happened. This year, as the 31 year old single child with no where to go I spent the day at mom and dads. Miley tested out my new gym bag. She thinks it's great for gym attire, but not quite her style. She's more of a flannel yorkie.

The Day After Christmas happened and someone brought a 3 week old 7 pound baby in to a bar. There were a couple mid one year old's as well. This gathering is also called, moms side of the family.

The Sunday After The Day After Christmas happened. I went to brunch with friends and we had to wear sunglasses inside. If you come to Minneapolis any time of the year, check out Union. They have a retractable roof that keeps you toasty in the winter, but allows you to get your Vitamin D you are so badly craving. In the Summer, it's your typical rooftop.

Three Days Of Nashville Binge Watching happened. I left my apartment two times. Once to move my car because of a snow emergency and the other to pick up prosecco. Priorities. 

New Years Eve At The Cabin happened. There was champagne, pool, Jeds, snow, kickball on the frozen lake, and your typical Wisconsinite that hit something bloody but couldn't bother to clean his car.

I'm not much for resolutions because those get broken. I do have a few goals for 2016.

*Really, really, actually do it this year, make this your healthiest year yet!*

*For the month of January, ahem, from January 4th to February 4th(ish) only drink at special occasions, aka birthday party bus (we'll see how this goes)*

*Work out six times a week with a few double header days per week*

*Bring all my lunches from home*

*Walk 10,000 steps per day*

*Journal all those things you don't want the internet to know about, like boys. Eww, boys!*

*Read! Read real books you can hold in your hand*

*Purge your 450 sq ft space.*

*Just be kind*

Cheers to 2016!

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