Friday, December 4, 2015

Fitness Friday

Since becoming a single lady a little over a month ago, I really found a new love for fitness and taking care of myself. The cravings that were once there for a glass of wine after a hard days work are replaced with the need to sweat out my frustrations and emotions with weights, a cardio machine and some kick ass music.

I joined the Tone It Up nutrition plan mid October and that provided me with a unique community of like minded people to chat with, follow on IG and even do a fitness class or two with. The amount of workouts available are endless with new combinations of moves coming on the reg.

I thought I'd start sharing my week in fitness with you all in case you are looking for something new.

Most of my workouts consist of 20-30 minutes toning/weights followed by 20-30 minutes of cardio. I have bad knees so I try not to do many jumping moves and keep my treadmill days light and easy.


After not working out for close to a week, I needed something that would keep me moving and work my whole dang body. This was just the ticket!

The cardio portion was something I received after getting the results for my active metabolic assessment.


I did the first part of this workout with a trainer recently and I was feeling it for days! We split it up by doing two sets of the TRX move and stability ball, then moved to the weights for two sets and repeat.

I love the stair stepper routine here because I DRIP sweat! It's a Tone It Up booty killer! Oh, and the middle number is intensity level on a scale from 1-10.


Cardio is another routine I received after I got my results from my active metabolic assessment. I just never feel like a workout is complete without a good cardio session.

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