Monday, November 16, 2015

Trixie the Cairn Terrier

I really thought that being a single gal again I'd be out having crazy weekends and staying out until bar close. I guess the fact that I'm now in my 30's my wild weekends have turned in to early mornings, time spent at the gym, running errands and getting my laundry done.

Last Sunday did bring me back to feeling 22. It was a Sunday Funday to the max with bottomless mimosas while watching the Vikings win and bar hoping the rest of the afternoon away.

This weekend on the other hand was spent with movies, family and plenty of football games.

I finally watched Magic Mike XXL and I giggled the whole way through.

Early Saturday morning I tried a new to me barre class at my gym that still has me feeling all sorts of sore. I ran a few errands, picked up my free month of CorePower that I won through work, and browsed the new Total Wine by my parents house.

Later in the day I went over to Kari's to check out the new house her boyfriend recently purchased. We tried going to a nearby restaurant to play some bingo, but we were too late so we ordered some pizza and watched the Gophers lose.

I stayed at my parents over the weekend. When I woke up on Sunday morning and raked their yard for them. I wrapped that up just after they came home from the cabin so we could all spend some time with Trixie, our 15 1/2 year old family dog. She spent the day laying on her ottoman, getting all sorts of extra human treats and some lovin.

Today we will say goodbye to the most loyal little dog.

When I was 15 we moved just outside of Milwaukee, WI and somehow, on April Fools day 2000, we convinced my parents to take us to a pet store (I know, adopt don't shop). There was the tiniest little puppy in a kennel with a miniature schnauzer. When we took our out of the kennel, she gave us the saddest puppy dog eyes and we couldn't put her back.

She was never big on cuddling, but she would always be right next to you. Never really one to want to be alone. To this day, if you can't find her, look down because she is probably at your feet.

She was the speediest little thing. I remember running circles around our house and she would be right on my heels. Or my dad taking her for a walk around our neighborhood that was one giant block and him carrying her because she would get tired and just sit. She never really was a big fan of walks.

Trixie always had a bark way bigger than her bite. She's never met a stranger, whether it be human or animal. There's a walking path in my parents back yard and all the neighborhood walkers know who Trixie is. She just wants to say hi to everyone she sees.

She's come to a time in her little life where when you touch her, she is in pain. She doesn't come when called, and often gets confused and is very forgetful.

These two, Porter and Miley, couldn't have asked for a better, more loyal friend.

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  1. Just saw the balloon Trixie in the Macy's Parade. I lived with a cairn terrier for 13 of his 15 years, Morris. Bit everyone he ever met (it is why I had him0. He also taught me how to survive.