Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Active Metabolic Assessment Results

A couple weeks ago I walked over to my gym to do my Active Metabolic Assessment. I had to purchase a super sexy blue mask, get hooked up to a computer, strap on a heart rate monitor and then we started the assessment.

The trainer asked if I had my body fat percentage taken the day before and I had not. Since it's a machine for anyone in the gym to use at any time, free of charge, he had me hop on and it took my weight, which I was happy is the same as my scale at home, and he entered my age and height. I'm in the normal ranges for every part of my body, but my body fat percentage is 29.3. Obviously I don't want that much fat on me.

It'll be interesting to check this every couple of months to see what type of progress I'm making.

Before we decided how the assessment would be done, the trainer talked to me about what type of cardio I typically do, and how I use that particular cardio machine.

I love the feeling I get when I get in to a running groove so we chose to do my assessment on the treadmill.

Since most of my cardio is intervals, we started by having me walk at 3.5 for a warm up and I continued to warm up for about 10 minutes at an incline of one. Every two minutes .4 was added to my speed, 3.5, 3.9, 4.3, 4.7, 5.1. At that time we took the mask off, I walked around for five minutes, stretched, grabbed some water.

Then we did it all over again and I went until I couldn't go anymore. I made it through 6.3 and called it quits. They let you go as long as you want, typically between 10-15 minutes. My heart rate got up to 201, I was at the 16 minute mark, and I was exhausted.

If you want to pick up men at the gym, do this assessment. Heads will definitely turn, but maybe not because you're looking smoking hot.

When I reached 5.9, the trainer asked if I've ever seen my heart rate that high, that's when it was consistently staying at 200. To me, that's normal, and he even said he would be on the floor if his heart rate ever reached 200.

I finally got my results and I was pleased with what I was told. I burn fat at a higher heart rate and in a wider range than most people, which is great for me!

I was given some interval training to do that will put me in my specific zones to maximize fat burn, not calorie burn.

My VO2 peaked at 40 which is good/very good, depending on what chart you are looking at. This means that when I'm in specific zones, my body is efficiently burning fat.

I am excited to finally have my results and I look forward to using the information to continue to get in shape.

Since it took so long for my results, the trainer offered to do a complementary Resting Metabolic Assessment to see how much my body burns by doing absolutely nothing and it will help gauge my calorie intake.

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