Monday, November 30, 2015

A North Woods Thanksgiving 2015

My office was only open for half a day on Wednesday so mom, dad, Miley and I all drove up to the cabin together. This is the smallest Thanksgiving we've had, just the three humans and one little dog.

When we arrived, we unloaded the truck and went to dinner at Jeds. It was free appetizer night, so when in Wisconsin, do what the Wisconsinites do and order cheese curds.

After dinner we were all so full we lounged around the cabin with a roaring fire and watched August: Osage County.

a 9 lb dog with a couch to herself with all her toys
Thursday morning mom made us a lite breakfast since the feast was scheduled to begin around 3:00. In the mean time, dad and I went over to a locals house who had brought my parents back some ham and bacon from one of his last hunting trips. I had heard about this guys house before, but never did I imagine it looked anything like this.

Our Thanksgiving meal was altered a bit from the norm. A couple weeks ago I got sucked in to the food network and mom handed me the reigns of putting together the menu.

Turkey, gravy, rolls, amazing cranberry sauce from Ina Garten (new this year), mashed potatoes, herb and apple stuffing from Ina Garten (also new this year), and sauteed shredded brussels sprouts, also from Ina Garten (new this year).

We all agreed that we missed having the signature green bean casserole this year, but I think we found our new go-to cranberry sauce. It was so good!

After dinner we watched the Packers lose to the Bears. It was bitter sweet. I wanted the Packers to win to justify our loss last week, but I also just really enjoy it when the Packers lose. Now the Vikings are once again #1 and all is right in the world of football.

Friday was the laziest day. I woke up with a swollen throat so I spent the morning napping before going outside and having a fire with my mom. It's amazing what some fresh air can do for you. We built a fire and watched the ice form over the lake as the sun started to go down.

I couldn't believe that the lake was still open in November. However, when we left it was fully frozen over.

Saturday was dedicated to football. We drove around for a little bit and found a hunting lodge that we had recently heard about. It was actually quite lovely considering it's in the middle of nowhere Wisconsin. They have a clubhouse with a small bar with a lot of taxidermied animals and a couple old dogs that wander around.

They also host weddings in the back and my mom got a little too interested on that topic.

After checking out CoyLand Creek, we found our way back to Jeds to watch the Gophers take on the Badgers. I wore a Badger shirt but couldn't help but cheer for the Gophers. I'm so torn on what team I should belong to.

When we got back from watching the game, we lounged around and watched another movie called Bad Words which was quite funny. If you like Jason Bateman, check it out. Its on one of the many streaming services we all have these days.

Sunday morning we packed up and headed back home. I was able to get some food prep in which feels good to know that my lunches are ready for the week. The Vikings came out with another big W and over night we got our first real snow fall of the season.

First real snow fall on a Monday morning means that my 2.5 mile commute on the bus, took one hour and forty blissful minutes. Oh, and lets not forget about the epileptic woman on the bus who had a seizure but refused to get in to the ambulance that was coming for her, which then added more time to our already very long commute.

Mondays. Gotta love em. Or just sleep them away like I wish I had done this morning.

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  1. Oh man, I took Monday off so I didn't have to battle the roads, but it sounds like tomorrow is going to be just as much of a mess!