Monday, October 5, 2015

Weekend Review: Gaming

Friday was a gorgeous day to take a drive to northern Minnesota for a Fall cabin weekend, once you made it through the construction that is. I tell ya, construction season might just never end here.

People arrived in waves, a few of us arrived to Gull Lake Friday evening where we made spaghetti, chatted and learned Settlers of Catan.

The rest of the group arrived throughout the day on Saturday. As with any cabin weekend, Saturday was a lazy morning with a lovely breakfast that included, you guessed it, mimosas!

Once the whole group was settled, we went for a brief boat ride. It was a tad windy, and by tad I mean there were white caps so we stuck to the shore until we decided we should just head back to the cabin.

We walked down to Cowboys for dinner which was a little restaurant just down the road that had some tv's that were playing college football.

Kari and I challenged each other to some Big Buck Hunter while majority of the table played pull tabs. With the amount of tabs, I can't believe there wasn't a single winner in the bunch.

After dinner we teamed up for another rowdy game of Settlers of Catan and Sequence. I love a good board game, but I still have a lot to learn with Settlers of Catan. I just could not catch a break and my partner was no help either.

One by one, the party broke up and people called it a night.  I had the cutest bed set up that was great for the girls that were football widows flying solo for the weekend.

Everyone had early wake up times on Sunday. Since the Vikings game was later in the afternoon, I went over to my parents to spend some quality time with Miley and watch the game with my dad. There was a lot of excitement, if only Walsh could do what he's paid to do and make a field goal, we probably would have won that game.

It's Monday and I can think of a few other places I'd rather be at the moment, especially since I was woken by the garbage men at 4:55 this morning.

It's a big week though, Mike and I will be celebrating one year together by getting all gussied up for a formal wedding. I'm renting my dress so stay tuned!

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