Monday, October 12, 2015

Weekend Review: An Anniversary And A Wedding

Thursday of last week marked a special day for Mike and I. We went on our first date one year from that day and never looked back.

We met at Brit's Pub for drinks after work and chatted for a few hours. I was certain that I wasn't going to hear from him again so I rode the bus home and went to a bar to wallow in self pity that another good one wouldn't find me good enough.

To my surprise, as the bar tender set down the drink I ordered, I received a text from Mike saying that he had a nice time and would like to go out again.

In the past year we've taken mini vacay's to the Dells and the cabin, we went to countless country shows, plenty of Timberwolves games, met each others families and friends, cried, laughed and everything in between. It's been a fun year to say the least.

To celebrate I suggested we go to The Strip Club. Get your head out of the gutter, it's a steak house in St. Paul. We shared the beef tartar and each ordered the New York strip with a side of the fingerling potatoes which I really enjoyed.

The server was wonderful and helped us select a bottle of wine by offering a tasting of the two we were deciding between. I had been wanting to try this restaurant for a long time, and while our dinner was good and the restaurant was nice, I don't know that I'd be running back any time soon.

On Saturday we had a fancy wedding to attend. I had ordered a dress from Rent The Runway and was so sad when the dress didn't work out.

I was so confident that by ordering a size larger and getting 2 sizes larger as a back up I would be fine. Not quite the case. After struggling through tears for over an hour to get the darn dress to zip, it just wouldn't budge. I should have known this would happen when I couldn't even get the garment bag open because one of the zippers was busted.

I went with a trusty blue dress I had purchased late Summer for a wedding. Luckily we didn't take many pictures and this wedding was with a different group of people so no one had seen it before.

In the end everything worked out fine and we had a great time at the wedding. It took place in a beautiful church in South Minneapolis and the reception was at the Edina Country Club. The leaves were peak which just added to the beautiful day.

At any moment of the night, there was at least one person on the dance floor. They also had a photo booth set up with props that we took advantage of. We set a timer every hour to see our progression throughout the night. We definitely took advantage as I have about 8 different print outs from the night.

At the end of the night we headed out to a bar that for some reason closes at 1:00. We ordered our drinks and smuggled them in to the bar across the street.

I always say that nothing good comes after you leave a wedding reception. And my hangover the next day was proof of that. That didn't stop us though. We slept in and cleaned ourselves up before going over to a friends to watch some football.

Fall is most definitely here after it spoiled us with a gorgeous 80 degree day to wrap the weekend.   We are now on to blistery, grey, chilly days that call for chili and mid day naps.
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  1. You guys look lovely! what a fun time!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away