Tuesday, September 29, 2015


You might think you clicked on the wrong link, but fear not my trusty reader, you are at what was formally known as Real World: Minneapolis.

Welcome to The Ali Diaries!

I've been thinking about a change for a while now, but nothing quite felt right. I hope you like what you see. Not a whole lot has changed besides the obvious name change and header. As in my personal life, I'm going back to basics. Keeping it simple and real. Life is chaotic enough as it is. Am I right?

I'll share my weekend with you later on this week. But for now, grab a cup of joe #nationalcoffeeday, or my preferred beverage, a glass of red wine and click around.

Check out a few of my favorite posts from many moons ago.

Did you know that Real World: Minneapolis started all the way back in May of 2011.

I was starting a new chapter of my life as a single woman living downtown Minneapolis. Home Sweet Home talks about my first week as a city dweller.

Here I share how to do a mayo hair mask. Note - if you put mayo, coconut oil or any type of oil in your hair as a mask, you will have to wash it multiple times over to get all of the oil out.

A quick get-to-know-me.

If you are planning any kind of shower, this post is one of my more popular posts where I share all the fun details of co-hosting a wine-tasting bridal shower. It was so fun and original!

Girls trip to Cabo is another post to top my popular posts list. I've been three times so please inquire with questions if you are looking for recommendations on restaurants, activities, ect.

I hope you enjoyed taking a trip down memory lane with me. I look forward to sharing life with you at The Ali Diaries!


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