Monday, September 21, 2015

Weekend Review 70: See you next year!

As you get older, friendships change, yet somehow stay exactly the same. One of my closest friends came to town this past weekend, the last time I saw her was almost exactly a year ago. We only live 4 1/2 hours away, but she works retail and has a husband who is doing his residency and I'm over here working my 9-5 so schedules are tough to work with.

I knew Laura wouldn't get to town until late in the evening on Friday so Mike and I grabbed a few drinks after work and he drove me around while I tried to find a jacket. After going to The North Face, then Sports Authority, Dick's, REI and finally back to The North Face, I pulled the trigger and got an even better (= more expensive) jacket than I initially had my eye on.

When I got home, Laura was finding a place to park and we spent the entire night enjoying wine and catching up. By 2:00 AM we decided it was best to not open a third bottle of wine and to go to bed since we had a 7:00 AM wake-up call to go tailgating for the Gopher game.

Our alarms rang earlier than we would have liked, but we poured ourselves some mimosas and headed out nice and early anyway. It was a perfectly sunny and warm and the perfect morning to enjoy some beverages outside TCF Bank Stadium.

The Gophers won, but I think I was the only person happy about that. Apparently they should have won by more than 3 points.

After the football game we grabbed a taxi and headed back to UpTown for some lunch/dinner before walking back to my apartment to get ready for part two of the day.

Our friend Amanda and her boyfriend picked us up to head to St. Paul for another friends husbands 40th surprise party. You know you're getting old when your friends have husbands turning 40.

Mike met us at Sweeny's and the surprise went off perfectly. They had tons of apps and drink tickets. We hung out for a couple hours before deciding to continue the night closer to home. We went to a bar near my apartment and I can't believe how old I felt and how I do not fit in to the late night scene anymore. It's quite different these days. Give me a sports/dive/wine bar any day.

Sunday we slept in until late morning and Laura packed up to go see some other friends while she was in Minnesota. I forced my self out of bed so I could make some 'healthy' buffalo chicken dip and cheer on the Vikings. I made it through the first half of the game before being awakened by the sound of my phone alerting me that Mike was on his way home and the game had been over for a couple of hours.

Looking back on the weekend, I think it's a blessing that Laura and I only get together about once a year. If we spent more time together, there would be a serious red wine shortage and I would consistently be seriously sleep deprived.

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