Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Weekend Review 68: Labor Day 2015

I feel like an idiot, but did you know that Labor Day was a day to let all of us hard working American's have a day off? I will admit, that up until a Sunday morning show last weekend, I had no clue what the day was actually about. So to all you hard workers out there, happy belated Labor Day! I'm glad we get more than just one day a year off, but think of all the extra money we would have if we were never given weekends off!

My company must think we worked extra hard this past year because they also gave us Friday off which meant another 4 day weekend for me! Mine started out with a goodbye happy hour for a co-worker, then an easy breezy drive North to the cabin. Lucky for me I had a driver, so I could have a drink at happy hour.

When we got to the cabin we dropped off our bags and changed before heading to a local bar to watch the Gopher football game. They weren't doing so hot, so we left at halftime.

Friday was one of the most gorgeous days we've had up North. It started with Mike and my mom doing some yard work while I kept Mike hydrated with plenty of beers and myself with mimosas. We inflated one of our rafts and spent the afternoon floating in the sun.

I was in charge of dinner for the night and made pulled pork on the grill. I let it cook low and slow for about 7 hours. I hear it was really good, but since I forgot to eat lunch that day, dinner is a little fuzzy.

Baby Snapping Turtle
Saturday was another beautiful day that called for a lot of raft lounging and napping. We took the fishing boat out for the season which lead to me nearly losing half my fingers. They are still sore, but all there!

Longs days in the sun call for lazy nights. The Badgers were playing so we all sat down to watch them lose to Bama. However, I think only one person made it to the end of the game.

Sunday was a cooler, cloudy day that had people changing from sweatshirts to tank tops as the sun came and went throughout the day. Since it was Bachelor in Paradise finale night, we made our standard chicken alfredo and watched the show as a storm rolled in.

Monday morning we woke up and hit the road early to miss any traffic and to have productive days at home. I was able to accomplish so much! Food prep, naps, cleaning, etc.

It's now a week later and Fall is trying to push its way in, but the heat and humidity is still hanging around today.

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