Monday, August 3, 2015

Weekend Review: It's August

Roughly a month ago, all of my posts started the same, 'This one time, at the cabin' and then life happened and I was no longer heading North every weekend to relax on floating islands and drink cider until my got rot would tell me to go to bed, have a few bottles of water and do it all over again the next day.

I'm happy to report back with you that this past weekend I was able to venture North and enjoy everything cabin-y.

First, we had girls dinner at the most charming little Mexican restaurant in South Minneapolis called La Fresca's. It's in a quiet neighborhood filled with people taking their dogs for walks and dining outside.

Most of the girls ordered fish or scallops, but I went with the carne asada that I really enjoyed. There were so many different flavors on my plate that all went together very well. I would definitely go back again.

Now, on to the cabin. August came out of no where so my boss let us all take a half day on Friday. I for sure thought this meant I would beat the traffic but everyone else in Minnesota must have had the same boss as me and let them leave early too.

I made a couple pit stops. One for fresh sweet corn that was oh so delicious and one for beer/cider. I stumbled upon Not Your Father's Root Beer and it was just the beverage I needed to get my weekend off on the right foot. Tastes just like root beer, only it's 5.9% alcohol.

Typically when I go to the cabin, I'll ask if there's any food I can bring. My mom's usual response is I don't have to bring anything if I do the cooking. Since I love to cook, this is a great deal for me.

Friday night we had cheeseburgers on the grill with corn on the cob. I wasn't sure how I wanted to cook the corn, but I wanted them to be done quick and not be dry. I shucked the corn and wrapped each one individually in tin foil after rubbing them with a little olive oil and salt and pepper. Then I threw them on the upper rack of the grill for 15 min and voila! The most perfect corn on the cob you've ever had.

Friday night was so calm and we had the Blue Moon so we spent some time at the neighbors fire and let off a few lanterns. 

We had a bit of a late start on Saturday since no one woke up until 9:00. We wanted to get the day started so we did some quick chores, raking the beach, mom planted some flowers and dad rode around on his riding mower.

Just call me Captain Al
As soon as we wrapped up our chores I loaded up the boat and we took off full speed to meet the neighbors at the sand bar. Just as we arrived, they were leaving because it was too windy so we all went back to our side of the lake where it wasn't windy to float in our Oasis Island.

My Aunt and Uncle were up at their cabin so my parents invited them over for dinner. Saturday's meal was bone in chicken breasts with more corn on the cob, a salad and my aunt brought dirty rice. The chicken came out perfect, just a little crispy on the outside but perfectly moist on the inside.

After a day in the sun I put myself to bed quite early and was woken up by thunder and lightning and the family dog panting and looking for a closet to hide in. In her 15.5 years, so still doesn't like storms.

Since I wasn't in a rush to head back to the cities I slept in and hung out until mid afternoon. Traffic in the summer time is a nightmare with everyone else heading home on Sundays. I got off the interstate half way home because it was just crawling along and took a side highway the rest of the way. There might be some stop lights, but it beets bumper to bumper traffic for 60 miles.

Sunday night was the premier of Bachelor in Paradise. In case you forgot, Kirk was my trainer a couple years ago. It's so awkward watching someone you know in a setting like that! I had non stop giggles the whole time he and Carly were sitting down on the beach just waiting for one of them to make a move. Can't wait to watch tonight!


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  1. Kirk was your trainer?!? Omygosh that's crazy hahha. I bet it's super weird to watch but also fun. Who's season was he on again? I don't think I watched it.