Monday, August 31, 2015

Weekend Review 67: Another Year Wiser

My birthday was last Wednesday. I secretly always wish for a big bash At the same time I like the day to go by without a lot of recognition, and that's exactly what happened, besides the Facebook messages, texts, calls, cards and of course birthday cupcake break at work.

I'm 31. Yuck. I thought 30 would be hard, but 31 just sounds gross. If you asked 16 year old me, after I passed my drivers license test on the first try, where I would be 15 years later, I wouldn't say, dating a guy, living alone in an apartment and no kids. But between those 15 years I sure have learned a lot.

I've learned life doesn't happen according to plan.

I've learned people come and go. The best ones always come back as if no time has passed at all.

I've learned that life events happen for a reason. To help us grow and to learn.

I've learned how to love, lose love, and mend a broken heart.

I've learned that no matter how old you are, you'll always need your mom and dad.

On my birthday, Mike took me to a new restaurant I've been wanting to try since it opened. It's a new Italian restaurant, Il Foro, but it's known for it's cheese burger that's served only during the lunch hour. That's exactly what we ordered and we both cleaned our plates with no secret cheese left behind.

Rumor has it, the chef got the deets on where the cheese for the original Juicy Lucy is from and that's the cheese he uses on his famous burger. If any out of towners come to Minneapolis, you must try a Juicy Lucy. You have your choice of the 5-8 Club or Matt's Bar. You're just wasting your hard earned money ordering an impostor anywhere else.

We both took the rest of the week off and went up to the cabin for a long weekend. Since we didn't get up until dusk, we cooked dinner of grilled chicken wings, corn on the cob and potato wedges and pretty much called it a night.

Thursday started out a bit chilly, so we lounged around all morning and most of the afternoon. I made breakfast and we demolished two bottles of champagne for mimosas before heading to Big Mike's to get Mike a fishing license and some bate.

We took the boat out for a couple hours to go fishing. Well, he fished, I watched and Miley napped. Here's his big catch of the day!

At least the fish continued to increase in size the longer he fished.

For my belated birthday dinner I made a beef tenderloin with a red wine cream sauce that is to die for. We had garlic mashed potatoes, spicy green beans and my favorite red wine to go along with it.

Since the smallest tenderloin we could find was 5.5 lbs, we originally cut off about 2 lbs for the two of us and were going to cook the rest another time. While we were eating, Mike enjoyed the meal so much he said we should make it again the next night when my parents and sister and her boyfriend would be up.

We spent the rest of the night out at the fire. It was perfectly calm, no bugs, no neighbors and just enough chill in the air to make having a fire worth it.

On Friday we decided to go for a drive. Mikes stepdad has a cabin not too far from ours and he also grew up going to camp up there too. We went to the cabin first. It's much more of a fishing cabin then a swimming cabin, but it's a place to get away to non-the-less. Just 5 miles down the road was the church camp he went to and it's everything you imagine camp to be. Or, for a girl who didn't get to go to Summer camp, it was everything I imagined camp to be.

When we got back from our drive, the sun had come out and it was starting to warm up. We inflated one of our large rafts and brought some drinks out while we floated. My mom showed up mid afternoon and Kari and Jason arrived shortly after. Unfortunately my dad had to work a full day so he was the last to arrive.

We made our amazing meal again to share with everyone else before my cousins came over for a couple of hours. They brought baby Ryan with which entertained me for quite some time. I don't have many babies in my life, so I get my fix while I can.

On Saturday Mike left for his football draft and the rest of us packed up our coolers to take a boat ride and to meet my cousins at the sand bar. It was a bit chilly being in the water. We have not had typical August weather for the past week. 60's and rainy so it really cooled down the water. Back to the 80's and 90's this week for the last big hurrah of the Summer. Let's hope it helps warm up the lake.

We spent several hours at the sand bar, some people in the water, others hanging out on the boats. When the sun started to set and the clocks were going on 6:30, we headed back to shore to make dinner.

Mom and I teamed up to make what we agreed was the best chicken alfredo sauce that's ever been made. A full day in the sun combined with a heavy pasta dinner put us all to bed by 9:00 PM. Saturdays are no longer for raging when you're 31.

Mike came back on Sunday morning to bring me back to the cities. I spent the rest of the day as any Sunday should be spent, and that was on my couch, napping, watching Netflix and ordering pizza, finishing up with Bachelor in Paradise.

If you've made it through this long post and are a FitBit-er, send me your email address and lets be friends! I need some healthy competition and motivation for the diet bet I just signed up for.


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