Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Weekend Review 66: LaCrescent meets Webster

Friday started out like most Fridays do. I was ready to tackle the day so I could head North right after work. I dropped my car off to get an oil change and of course it was the most expensive oil change that included new brake pads, replacing brake parts, and a few other exciting fixes.

Traffic was absolutely horrendous and I was ready to break out my wine cube that had been sitting in my car all day. Since I didn't have ice I thought I better wait until I get to the cabin and let it chill for a while.

Stopped for 30 min on a two lane hwy. Torture
On Saturday morning some old neighbors from the town I grew up in came to visit. As soon as they arrived and got the tour everyone put their suits on and we loaded up the boat and headed to the sand bar.

I was allowed to come up if I cooked and captained the boat so when we got back from the sand bar I started dinner. One couple brought burgers and potato salad, the other brought brats and pasta salad and we supplied local sweet corn and baked beans. As much work as it is to get everything ready for a meal for 7 people, I love doing it all by myself.

After dinner we skyped with one of the families daughter who is my age and currently battling stage 3 breast cancer. We grew up two houses down from each other for many years and were in the same class at our small Catholic school until 4th grade. You never think someone as young as 30 will get breast cancer, but she is definitely fighting this with an amazing attitude.

On Sunday morning everyone was up bright and early...I lied, it wasn't bright. Our guests were very early risers. Like 4:00 am. We had an early breakfast and everyone took off to head back to LaCrescent. It was an overcast day but quite warm and sticky so I hung around all day and tested out our new raft. I can 100% say it is great for a mid morning nap.

I just couldn't get my self to leave the cabin and admit that the weekend was actually over. They always go too fast, so I hung around and made dinner from the left overs from the night before. It's amazing the recipes out there for leftover brats! I watched Bachelor in Paradise before finally packing up and heading home. It was nice to miss traffic and have a smooth ride back to the city.

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