Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Weekend Review 65: Red Wing, MN

Minnesota is the land of 10,000 lakes. It's also the land of 10,000 festivals all crammed in to three months and I live in the epicenter of said festivals.

This past weekend was the UpTown Art Fair that manages to close down every street in a 1 mile radius from my apartment which allows for zero on street parking. Luckily I was getting out of dodge and wouldn't have to resist the urge of mini donuts wafting through my living room window.

After work on Friday I packed up my suitcase and headed over to the Mr.'s. He cooked up some steaks for dinner and I brought some bubbly that had been chillin like a villain just waiting to be popped.

We kept it a low night in preparation for the wedding we were going to the next day.

Saturday morning I went for a run around the lake by his house. It was a great way to start the day of endless wine drinking.

Saturday was 10 months of dating for us and the wedding was in Red Wing so we thought we'd make a day out of it and went to a vineyard/winery that was just down the street from our hotel.

Falconer Vineyards didn't have the best reviews but I'm glad we checked it out for ourselves because we both had a great time. We started with a wine tasting. They pre-select 6 different wines for you to try but you can also try others off the menu at no extra cost.

We didn't love the wine, but Minnesota isn't exactly known for having great wine.

After the wine tasting we headed to their back deck where they had wood fired pizza. We bought a bottle of their Marquette wine and shared two pizzas. One was Canadian bacon and pineapple and the other was their signature pizza with sausage, red onion, green bell peppers, jalapenos and grapes! It was delicious and we both agreed we would go back just for the pizza.

I grew up in South Eastern MN in the river valley surrounded by bluffs and valleys so it's always fun to head south and get a new view. The vineyard was small but very pretty with a lot of rolling valleys.

While we enjoyed the view and let our pizza settle, they had a young lady playing an acoustic set and she rotated between the keyboard and her guitars. It was a great compliment to go with the setting.

It wasn't long after we finished the pizza and bottle of wine that we had to check in to the hotel and get ready for the wedding.

The wedding was at the St. James Hotel which is a historic hotel in downtown Red Wing. It was fairly small and the ceremony was very pretty and personable. I had never met the couple before the wedding, but you could get a sense from everyone there that this was going to be a fun and happy celebration.

After the ceremony we moved downstairs for cocktail hour so they could reset the room for the reception. The reception was in the same room as the ceremony that had panoramic windows that looked out over the Mississippi River.

Before the wedding we agreed that nothing good ever happens when a wedding reception is done and that we would just go back to the hotel. Of course that didn't happen and we went to a bar across the river for a few nightcaps.

Once we got back to the cities on Sunday we slept the afternoon away so instead of wasting an entire day I drove over to my parents to get some cuddle time in with Miss Miley. I hung out there as late as I could in hope that when I got back home there would be some place to park.

At 9:30 PM the roads were still closed but luckily I drive a small enough car where I was able to squeeze in to a 'probably not legal' parking spot.

And that concludes my weekend. We have one more wedding this month and then the rest are all cabin weekends that I can not wait for!

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