Friday, July 17, 2015

Lets Ketchup

Well folks, here we are! It's Friday and it's been one interesting week to say the least.

Let me back up and tell you about my weekend. I went on a River Boat down the mighty Mississippi for Mike's mom's birthday. It was a beautiful night and the ride was put on by the Irish Fest in Minneapolis. They had some Irish bands and merchandise for sale along with beer/cider tastings and best of all, pints of cider for $1. That's my kind of boat ride.

St. Paul, MN
The Basillica Block party went down over the weekend as well. We met some of my cousins and friends who went and all had a great time. Matt Kearny was my favorite of the three bands we saw.

The headliners were Weezer and OAR for the night that we went. Mike and I saw Weezer, but I just never got on that bandwagon back in Jr. High so I just bobbed along and pretended to sing the words that were not the right words at all.

Minneapolis, MN
We've been in a ridiculous heat wave, lucky for me, I know people. People with pools. We spent some time hanging out with friends, grilling up some grub and cooling off pool side. We're in for another 90-100 degree weekend.

For 1/3 of the work week our systems have been down. Did anyone else have this issue, because it's more than just my companies US offices. Apparently there was some construction going on in CA and this really smart person severed some some very important AT&T cables which has left tons of people without service.

To relieve us of our stresses, we had a donut party this morning. As if my pants weren't already tight enough.

Luckily though, way back in early 2015, I was given the offer to try ClassPass for a month. Thanks to that opportunity and going to a studio near my house, I'm getting another great offer! I went to a studio called SixDegrees and loved it! They are giving ClassPass users who went to their studio through ClassPass the opportunity to purchase a month of unlimited classes with no restrictions for just $60. It's a $240 offer. I'm going to sign up as soon as I get out of work today in hopes that my pants will fit a little better.

*I just loved the studio and am not being asked to share this offer.

Now here's a great story.

It was a hot and sticky Wednesday. I had just left work and hopped on my bus to head home. The bus is crowded, people are cranky and sweaty and heaven forbid elbow to elbow standing room only.

One woman starts throwing elbows and calling another girl a biatch. 'Other Girl' throws biatch back at her and makes fun of the others hair. This goes on for a little bit and the bus driver tells them to stop being stupid. One couple gets off at the next stop and all is we thought.

The 'Other Girl' and her man get off at the next, next stop and this is where the man is going to protect is lady by yelling at everyone as he gets off the bus, calling the bus stupid. Once they were gone, everyone left on the bus took a sigh of relief and we could get on with our peaceful ride home.

NOT! The man who thought he'd be all tough getting off the bus chases the bus down for 2 stops, roughly 4-5 blocks, jumps on the bus and spits in the drivers face! I saw the spit fly through the air and hit the driver smack in his face. Then I also saw smoke coming from my drivers ears as the coward ran away.

At this point it started to pour, I'm about a mile from my apartment, no umbrella, and the driver ends his route because he has to wait for the bus police to arrive. I walked a few blocks and jumped in to a restaurant while I waited for the rain to stop.

Can someone please explain to me how someone has the nerve to spit in someones face. Someone who's driving you around. Someone who was just trying to make peace on his bus. Someone who didn't even call the man stupid, but said they all needed to stop acting stupid. I felt so bad for my poor bus driver.

One last thing before I let you go enjoy your Friday. I decided that since I'm going to officially be IN my 30's next month, yup, 31, that I needed to get some adult makeup. I went to MAC over lunch after searching tons of foundations, powders, etc and purchased the MAC Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation that can also work as a concealer. I love it!

I figured a splurge on makeup is worth it these days. Lately my routine has been lipstick, mascara and blush but I felt like I needed something to even out my skin tone. However, now I know this is a compliment, the lady said I really don't need anything, but I sure do love the way it looks and gives a great finished look for those special nights out. Ya know, like going to see Kenny Chesney, Jason Aldean, Cole Swindell, Brantley Gilbert and Old Dominion on Saturday night!

Time Gods, please let the work day be done and let the weekend crawl by. Amen.

Have a great weekend!

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