Monday, June 15, 2015

Weekend Review 59

Like most weekends in the summer, this one started out at the cabin. Kari and I were able to leave work early and get on the road before traffic got too bad. Friday night Kari made me and mom dinner and we spent the night chatting about our plans for the next day. The forecast called for very warm weather with some sun. Perfect for boating, paddle boarding, kayaking and lounging in a raft.

When we woke up on Saturday to a chilly and very overcast sky, we were non too pleased. We constantly checked the radars and different weather sites in hopes of finding a glimmer of nice weather during any part of the day. No such luck.

When we finally gave in that every meteorologist in Minnesota and Wisconsin gave us a false forecast, we bundled up with our sweatshirts and jeans, grabbed our beverages and quickly moseyed to the neighbors garage that would keep us dry from the constant spitting coming from the sky.

It was one of those days where you couldn't do much except sit around and complain about the weather. That's what us Minnesotans do best. We talk about the weather. It's either perfect, or gross and there are a lot of varieties of the two.

Sunday turned out to be quite perfect, and all along that was supposed to be the wet day. Kari and I got back to the cities early afternoon so I cleaned up and headed over to the Misters to supervise him doing household chores.

He informed me he only does half projects as he was half way through building his raised garden and left it to go pull weeds. Once those were partially pulled I held the ladder while he cleaned his gutters. Surprisingly, that project he completed 100%!

We ran to Home Depot and picked out some herbs to plant and hanging pots of flowers to brighten up the front of his house. Finally he let me actually help and gave me the job of planting the herbs. Lets hope they grow! He gave me permission to come and pick them anytime, as long as he gets to benefit from it and eat whatever I make out of them.

 All that time spent in the sun and heat wiped us both out pretty early. I headed home to 'be productive' and 'productive' I was. I've been on a PLL kick now that the 5th season is on Netflix and I was able to squeeze in 3 episodes before bed.  Why is that show so addicting?!?!

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