Monday, June 1, 2015

Weekend Review 57: Goodbye May

On Friday Mike and I went straight from work out to Stillwater for his friends surprise birthday party. We arrived at their house and the birthday boy had no clue what was going on. Once all of the guests were accounted for we headed outside to a waiting trolly! We took a trolly ride around Stillwater and our final destination was the Lift Bridge Brewery. When we walked in we were taken back to where all the magic beer making happens and they had a Mexican buffet set up for us.

We chatted, stuffed our faces with tacos and chips and salsa and sampled their year round brews. My favorite has always been the Farm Girl. It was such a fun night and a unique idea for a birthday to have the trolly drive us around.

On Saturday my dad went up to the cabin to mow the yard so I spent the day with the dogs. The dogs haven't had much of a normal routine since my mom has been on vacation for the past 2.5 weeks. Miley is super needy, there's no amount of belly rubs or games of fetch that will stop her from pawing your hands for more attention.

She is a cling on and hates being alone. It breaks my heart leaving her. Mom comes back from her whirlwind South East Asia trip tomorrow so this little lady can finally be kennel free during the day.

I was able to get in a crap ton of laundry which I estimated would have cost me $23.75 to do at home, however half the time since I could use two machines at once. This just meant I got to spend more time with my fur baby.

Sunday was a struggle for no other reason than Sunday's are always a struggle lately. I nap all morning and afternoon, pushing off grocery shopping, food prepping, cleaning, etc. Then 7:00 PM hits and those naps I took all day finally catch up to me and I'm on hyper over drive.

I rearranged my beautiful flowers I picked up from the Farmers Market, I went grocery shopping, I prepped my lunches and snacks (you know what they say, 'failing to plan is planning to fail'.), I dusted and scrubbed my living room and kitchen. It was amazing!

All in all it was a pretty good weekend. I can not believe June is here. For us Northerners that means we have 3 months of Summer and it starts today. After looking at my planner, I can already tell this Summer is going to fly by, and I really wish it would slow down so I can soak in the heat and sun when it's around.

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