Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Weekend Review 55: Duluth

Over the weekend I went up to Duluth with my little sister to assist her with her volleyball team since the other coach was getting married.

We stayed at the Edgewater Hotel and Waterpark that was right across the street from Lake Superior and not too far from Canal Park or Downtown Duluth. When we arrived we found a local restaurant to grab a quick dinner at before we had to meet the girls for our team meeting.

The mom that was the team chaperone was great and made the girls, and us, snack bags and bagged lunches to bring to the tournament.

The first day, we didn't have to be to the gym until 8:30. The girls came ready to play and we left the day winning all three matches!

Since the first day went rather quick, we were back to the hotel by 1:00 and ready to start exploring Duluth.

Kari and I headed to Fitgers for some beer. They had an Apricot Wheat that I really enjoyed. Then we walked down to the board walk and took in the lake. The wind started to pick up so we found another brewery to stop in to, Canal Park Brewery, and we discussed what our next move should be.

We had to meet the team for dinner at 6:30 at a nearby restaurant so we decided to walk through a few more stores, grab some fresh cheese curds and then make our way to dinner.

On Sunday we had to be at the gym by 7:30, which meant a 6:00 AM wake up call. Our morning pool was mostly teams from our own club and the girls struggled a bit, but we took most matches to 3 games. By 2:00 bracket play began and we were placed in the Silver bracket. We won our first match, then our second, then the third!

The third match was so exciting all the way to the end. We won the first game, lost the second game, we were the first to 8 in the third game and then the other team started to bring. it. Next thing we know its 16-16, then 17-16, then 17-17. I can't remember exactly what happened during the next two points, but we finally got the lead 17-18 and rallied hard to make it 17-19 and take first place in the last tournament of the season.

The parents from both teams were on their feet just going nuts those last few points. When the final ball dropped, the girls cheered, cried, hugged each other and cried some more.

This was such a different experience then I had throughout my season and I wish I could have had. It was such a treat to be at this tournament with this team, the very first team I ever 'coached', and to see them take their bracket and fight to the very end.

Enjoy this little video I put together from the weekend.

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